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No Improvement to Dynamic Horizontal Eye Wrinkles After 3 Botox Injections - Do I Need Fillers?

Im a 29 year old female that has dynamic horizontal creases under my eyes from where my cheek hits my under eye area and creases. i have had botox... READ MORE

Which is the Best Filler to Plump out Cheeks?

Which is the best injectable filler to give more fullness to the cheek area? READ MORE

Would I benefit from dermal cheek fillers? (photos)

Hello. I plan on getting dermal cheek fillers sometime in the future. Would getting them make my face appear shorter and plumper? Also would they... READ MORE

Is There Any Treatment, I.e., Injectible, to Plump the Skin Under the Eyes?

Is There Any Treatment, I.e., Injectible, to Plump the Skin Under the Eyes? READ MORE

What products can I use or combo of fillers to achieve an extreme cheekbone and under eye.

I'm looking to get a look similar to Kim Kardashian cheekbones and definition. I want an extreme plump defined cheek. READ MORE

Will gaining weight replace the need for fillers?

I was recently put on a diet by my nutritionist in order to gain weight, because I have always been underweight. My face looks rather gaunt, and my... READ MORE

Which filler is best for under eyes (fine lines) for plumper look?

Im soon 25 and i lack volum under my eyes and i have one line under each eyes. My frontal cheekbones are flat too but i have wide asian face with wide... READ MORE

I am a 45 year old woman with awful marionette lines. Can a filler be used? (photo)

I've always had a very plump face and now it's sagging around my mouth. Can this be treated with a filler, and what type would you suggest? How much... READ MORE

What filler is best for plumping buccal area and getting rid of dimpling near mouth?

I went to several consultations some say that to plump up the buccal area and dimpling i should use juvederm, others restylane refyne, others volbella... READ MORE

How can I plump a "deep" philtrum? Will filler work?

My philtrum is too deep like that dip of the philtrum makes me look very odd in that area, like a monkey almost? can it be fixed with filler? Like... READ MORE

How much lip filled do I need? (photos)

I've been using a lip plumping product and I love how it makes my lips so I'm thinking of getting fillers how much would you recommend I new to get a... READ MORE

What kind of filler is best for my face? I want wider jawline, face contouring with fillers and plump lips (Photo)

What kind of fillers is best for my face I want wider jawline and face contouring with fillers and a plump lips Have a thin small face I don't think... READ MORE

What are the best lip fillers?

What are the most common brands used as lip fillers? Are they all collagen based? Which ones are common for natural and subtle results and which ones... READ MORE

Do I need lip fillers? (photo)

I feel my top lip is too small, not thin but I feel at each side they should be a bit more plump. I would also like my lips to be more defined. Would... READ MORE

What filler is best for me to acheive pillowy plump lips?

Which filler is best for my thin upper lip? I did half a syringe of restylane a year ago and it made only a smalll difference and disappeared 3.5... READ MORE

My lips are major Cupid's bow. Will I look good if I get filler? (photos)

I want fullness upwards in my lips, not outward. How come some women get plump lips upwards and other get pushed outward ( duck lips ) with lip... READ MORE

Removal of Fat injections.

I had fat injections in May 2014 and was overfilled!! I had a face lift this year February 2017 and love the results. But lifting the skin has given... READ MORE

Are dermal fillers or fat grafting injections best to plump up very hollowed temples with little to no fat ?

My temple area has a very hollow dime size spot above the corner of my eye due to tumor removal from this area and I want to fill the area in so it... READ MORE

Is it safe to use lip plumpers and "candy lipz" while I save up for lip fillers?

I'm saving up to get lip fillers (and braces and rhinoplasty!) but it seems a long way off (at least 2-3 yrs) so I was wondering if in the meantime it... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Fillers in my Left Cheek? Thanks in Advance for Your Answers. (photo)

My right cheek is more plump then my left cheek! It is definitely noticeable when I smile. (I had silikon 1000 for acne scarring months ago, and most... READ MORE

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