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Who Should I See for Injectable Fillers?

I'm a healthy and active 35 year old female with under eye hollows and puffiness. I'm apprehensive about surgery, so I'm considering either Juvederm... READ MORE

Who is Best at Administering Fillers, Cosmetic Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons

My doc is an eye specialist.  I'd really appreciate your response. Thank you. READ MORE

Best to Have a Plastic Surgeon, General MD or a Dermatologist Perform Filler Injections?

All things being equal I am leaning toward going to the plastic surgeon to put in nasolabial filler injectons. The general MD at the Skin Clinic and... READ MORE

Why Are Plastics Docs So Down on Other Specialties Injecting?

I could understand if these plastics docs were actually the people injecting these products, I suppose. And, anyone who has been practicing longer... READ MORE

Doctor has practically zero internet reviews but came highly recommended. Is that ok?

I asked a booker at a NY model agency for a doc for dermal fillers, a doc many models at her agency go. Their models are established: major NYFW shows... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist for Perfect Filler?

Both plastic surgeons + dermatologists are extremely well-trained in the aesthetics of beauty. So which professional has the best eye for creating the... READ MORE

How do you know if your plastic surgeon has a lot of experience at filler injections?

Do you ask the staff, physician, or research this in some other manner? READ MORE

Can any plastic surgeon inject lip fillers?

Can any plastic surgeon inject lip fillers? Or should I go to someone who specifically does lip fillers, Botox, or Juvederm? What qualifications does... READ MORE

Is it better to see an actual plastic surgeon for administering fillers or is an R.N. ok ?

Since Juvederm Voluma has just become available in December of 2013 is it better to see an actual plastic seurgon or is it ok to see an R.N. with 10+... READ MORE

Should I get my lip injections from a 'registered nurse'? (photo)

I don't want to regret getting lip injections so I want to make sure I do my research. There's this plastic surgery place and I called for a... READ MORE

Should I only go to a dermatologist/facial plastic surgeon who performs filler injections using a microcannula? Not a needle?

I have never tried any HA filler and really want to but I am scared after reading about possible blindness and skin necrosis. I read that using a... READ MORE

Why do Plastic Surgeons Inject Fillers in Areas where its clearly not indicated?

I have problem areas like hollow eyes, nasal folds and thin cheeks. I am in my early 30's. Can Voluma XC and Restalyne be injected around eyes or not? READ MORE

Temple filler was placed in the wrong place, what can I do? (Photos)

I had temple filler 3 days ago and I think it's placed in a bad spot. I had it done by a plastic surgeon doctor, because I thought he would place it... READ MORE

Doctor wants to do injections under eyes. I'm 65, should I have this done?

Already had a facelift and had undereye surgery that does not look well at all. My new plastic surgeon said too much was pulled up from under my eyes.... READ MORE

Removing Filler - will it affect my natural collagen?

In 3/16 I had a steroid injection for a cyst that left a really big dent. went to multiple plastic surgeons who placed filler in the area. Its now... READ MORE

Can you inject filler to tear troughs better with the patient sitting at the office VS. lying on her back in the operating room?

Is it a bad idea to get hyaluronic acid filler to tear troughs at the same time while having surgery under general anesthesia? Would a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

I had Botox done 4 weeks ago and it didn't take at all, should I try another product?

I had 31 units of botox done under my eyes and in my glabellas . The 11 lines got very swollen and I stayed looking angry for 6 days , I went back to... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon or dermatologist for filler to improve symmetry?

Which one is more skilled at achieving balance and symmetry with fillers? READ MORE

Would a Plastic Surgeon Ever Do a Non-surgical Procedure?

For instance, injection into the nasal folds to smooth out the appearance of a pointed nose? READ MORE

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