Pimples + Injectable Fillers

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It is Possible to Remover Dermal Fillers with Surgery?

Almost 7 years ago I went to a cosmiatry in my country. I was concerned because I have scarring in my face due to acne and severe chicken pox. She... READ MORE

How to remove my filler on my nose?

I got a nose filler 4 yrs ago. Then i removed coz of redness and pimple at my nose after 2 yrs. Doctor didnt removed all of them coz it was widespread... READ MORE

Bump on chin: Will this end in a disaster? Afraid - please help. (photos)

I'm. 20 year old boy and I decided to inject my chin to make it look a little more defined or forward. English is not my first language sorry. So I... READ MORE

Would filler help with two small depreciations on my chin? (Photo0

Hi, I have two facial scars consisting of small depreciations on the border of my chin as marked in black in the AFTER side in the attached picture. I... READ MORE

Is my top lip a good candidate for lip fillers? (photo)

Hello, I would like to get lip fillers in my top lip only. I feel as if my lip is thin and I like the "pouty" look. It also looks very thin when I... READ MORE

Should I opt for cheek fillers and cost? (Photos)

I was bitten by a spider on my left cheek when I was 14 and it swole to the size of a baseball. When I went to the ER the doctor popped the sore like... READ MORE

Can Hylenex cause deep pimples at injection site and/or congeal under the skin vs spread out?

I had restylane put into the wrinkle between my eyes and had a massive reaction within a day, which caused a breakout of blisters all across the area... READ MORE

Fordyce spots after dissolving filler, will they go away on their own? (Photo)

Hello, I got a lip filler almost 3 weeks ago, however, i did not like the results in the upper lips so I went back and dissolved it and they're back... READ MORE

Why Do I Always Get a Pimple at the Injection Site from Fillers?

Most of the time after about 6 weeks or so, I get a pimple at the injection site. This has happen no matter what doctor in the past has injected me... READ MORE

Skin Depression after Cortisone Injection for Pimple. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a large cyst 2 days before a photo shoot. Now i have a small depression in my forehead. I knew this was a possibility, but how long does this... READ MORE

I've had perfect clear skin all my life with no pimples etc, since having fillers my skin is terrible. Could it be an allergy?

The pores on my face now seem to be very noticeable and I have pimple like spots all over my face. It's been about 6 weeks since having my fillers and... READ MORE

Collagen injection in 2008. I have a pimple on my nose that's yellow? (Photos)

I had collagen injections last 2008.on my nose tip and nose bridge .as I remember she give me 3 injections.and start last year I had a pimple around... READ MORE

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