Philtrum + Injectable Fillers

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Can a philtrum injection define the philtrum lines without accentuating the upper lip? (Photo)

I would like to define my philtrum lines with an injectable filler. My only concern is that my upper lip would stand out more which I want to avoid... READ MORE

How to Best Treat a Horizontal Line Above Upper Lip That is Activated with Smiling? (photo)

I have a dynamic horizontal line above my upper lip (Photo 1) that is activated when I smile/laugh. I saw a doctor who put 4 units of Botox across the... READ MORE

Dermal Fillers and Botox for Short Philtrium?

I have a slightly short Philtrum. It dose not close when I aleep nor at rest. What could I use to lower my upper lip.Will dermal fillers or Botox... READ MORE

Is it possible to shorten the philtrum with lip fillers?

Hi there, my philtrum is longer than I wish it to be, but I am not a good candidate for a lip lift. My nose is small and a little upturned, the scar... READ MORE

Is there something wrong with my lips? (photos)

I read that an undifined philitrum is unattractive and that's exactly what I have :(... I don't know if it's that but something looks off. Can fillers... READ MORE

I've always been self conscious about the area above my lips, would lip filler help balance my features? (Photo)

Best options to balance my lower face mainly philtrum too long and nostrils wide and nose turns up slightly I've always been self conscious about the... READ MORE

Could two syringes of filler placed between my lip and nose stretch my skin out permanently?

I had two syringes of filler placed between my upper lip and my nose and it looked really bad. 18 months later..where I used to have fine lines has... READ MORE

What to do about an odd looking mouth area? (Photo)

What can I do about my odd looking "mouth area" to achieve better symmetry. I know that chin implant is an option but I've had a sliding genioplasty... READ MORE

Is it possible to use fillers to reshape the philtrum?

I have a long philtrum that appears longer than it should because it curves inwards. If it was to curve outwards like most peoples it would reduce the... READ MORE

Did fillers poor injector deform my philtrum and upper lip? How can it be fixed? (photos)

I've had fillers a few times over the last few years. Last one in 2013, by a board cert 90210 surgeon. I have realised over time my upper lip (not the... READ MORE

Will fillers injected in philtrum drop my upper lip?

My top lip is too long and doesnt cover my teeth. I also have a really really gummy smile. I dont want to go through upper jaw surgery and I've read... READ MORE

Is it possible to elongate the columella with fillers? (Photos)

I have a retracted columella that I want to appear on my profile.Is it possible to inject a filler into my columella to make it longer? 1. If I put a... READ MORE

How can I plump a "deep" philtrum? Will filler work?

My philtrum is too deep like that dip of the philtrum makes me look very odd in that area, like a monkey almost? can it be fixed with filler? Like... READ MORE

Can Fillers Be Used to Create an Illusion of a Smaller Philtrum?

I dont like the gap between my nose and lip philtrum. I feel there quite a distance between them. I was wondering if using juvederm or restylane can... READ MORE

Scar Tissue in Lip Philtrum Area. Can Bromelain or 5-FU Help to Dissolve This?

I have some fortelis and teosyal kiss (2 vials - too much) injected in my lips 3 years ago. I'm not sure if what I have left over in the philtrum... READ MORE

Can Dermal Fillers Help to Decrease the Distance from the Nose to the Upper Lip? (photo)

Attached photo was presented as a before&after for lips enhancement with fillers by one of the clinics. It's clearly seen that the distance... READ MORE

Long, Flat Philtrum and Thin Lips. Would fillers help? (Photo)

I would love to have a more feminine up-curve to my philtrum, viewed in profile, and a fuller upper lip. Would fillers, lip lift or another procedure... READ MORE

Philtrum / Medusa piercing before or after getting lip fillers?

Hello, I'm planning on getting lip fillers very soon. However I also want to get my philtrum pierced (top center of lip in cupid's bow dimple). I read... READ MORE

What can be done about my "turtle lip" and my overly developed philtrum? (photos)

As you can see I have things lips, and the center just dips into non-existence. Also the philtrum (hope I'm using that right) is odd on me. The two... READ MORE

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