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Can an overfilled nasolabial fold that looks unnatural actually look better than the more conservative "natural" counterpart?

I am sick to death and pissed off at my nasolabial lines. And as if that wasn't bad enough, my cheeks have drooped too, creating "shadows." So it's... READ MORE

Will I Be Wrinkled and Scarred from Having Tear Trough over Filled and It Getting Infected?

Concerned about my eye area looking dull,dark,sunken and feeling aged from it. Im 44. Decided to have tear troughs done. I think my eyes were over... READ MORE

I'm 22. I had a 0.8 ml Revanesse in nasolabial yesterday. I had a wonderful result but now I have swelling. What can I do?

Is this a swelling? Or over filling? What's the duration of swelling for this product? So that after this period I can know it's overfilling and will... READ MORE

Will my lips and the area above my top lip eventually go back to normal, or will the skin be stretched and be saggy? (Photo)

My lips have been over filled with HA filler and I have a ledge like appearance above my lip. With massage the appearance has became slightly better.... READ MORE

Overfilled nasolabial lines.... Any suggestions?

I was told once, by a cosmetic surgeon friend, that if someone has overfilling of naso-labial lines, they can get a 'blunting' effect. I didn't think... READ MORE

Under-eye filler gone bad - Puffy eyes? (Photos)

I've had under eye filler and i assume it was placed too high right under my eye and was overfilled. We've gone twice to dissolve it but took very... READ MORE

Is this vascular compromise/early onset of necrosis? Overfill of cheek partially dissolved over the last month 3 times (Photos)

Since 2nd syringe placement (2wks after 1st) my face has been crooked & pushed forward. For weeks my right cheek has been drooping in a very bad... READ MORE

Overfilling the lips with dermal filler and the wet mucousa

I have experienced a complication as a result of a dermal filler procedure and have received multiple, conflicting diagnoses from different physicians... READ MORE

1 week post: concerns about my lip fillers, symmetry and possible overfill? Product is Revanesse Kiss. Advice? (photos)

The swelling went down fast. My lips have huge blobs of filler with dents on the sides and two at the front. Bottom lip is crooked. When I smile, my... READ MORE

Best filler for forehead irregularities? Other options?

I was overfilled with restylane in my forehead and was left with a bulge. I had hyaluronidase injected and was left with some irregularities in my... READ MORE

Removal of Fat injections.

I had fat injections in May 2014 and was overfilled!! I had a face lift this year February 2017 and love the results. But lifting the skin has given... READ MORE

Tear trough fillers, two stringers used and feel overfilled

I recently got fillers in my tear trough, I went to an experienced dermatologist, she used two syringes. Its been a week and I feel like my eyes look... READ MORE

What are my options for lines around eyes?

I have fine lines around my eyes- mainly underneath and some crows lines. I also have a (dry) slight skin sagging on the upper eyelids. I have deep... READ MORE

How Much Dermal Filler is Considered Too Much into One Area?

I keep reading about compromised vasucularity causing necrosis due to too much filler in one area. I want some in my cheeks and want alot of... READ MORE

Any suggestions for over fill of smokers line? (photos)

Should I get it taken out or will it settle. I have 4 days ago had filler to smokers lines around mouth. I have had it once before using refine and... READ MORE

I Got 5 Units, 0,025 Ml Azzalure in my Upper Lip by Mistake- What Is The Risk?

It was injected very superficial in the upperlip by mistake not in the muscle and it didnt come in to a blood vessle, the nurse made a misstake,... READ MORE

Do you see anything wrong? (photos)

Scared to death its necrosis!! Please advise. Its Friday now and I have appointment on Monday morning. I've been treating lips with Carmex which has... READ MORE

Will having tear tough filler dissolved cause under sagging after 8 weeks? (photos)

I had my tear tough filled 8 weeks ago but felt it was underdone. I saw another dr who injected more filler in the areas, however I'm now left with... READ MORE

Do you think the doctor overfilled my face? (Photo)

Do you think the doctor overfilled my face? As a doctor, what would you make amends to on my face? Thanks READ MORE

Do my lips look healthy? (photos)

Lips injected with Singfiller Deep on 8/19. I have a split lip like a cold sore in theiddle on the bottom. I've been treating with carmex. The top is... READ MORE

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