Overbite + Injectable Fillers

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Filler for Under Each Side of the Bottom Lip?

I have an overbite and a square jaw which leaves me with no definition in the chin area. There are 2 areas under my bottom lip on both sides that is a... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct my jaw asymmetry with fillers? (photos)

3 years ago i had maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics to correct my overbite. The surgeon said my jaw was rotated and they had moved my lower jaw... READ MORE

Less invasive solutions for a weak jawline? Would fillers or jaw lipo be an option or do I need an implant? (Photo)

I have a fairly severe overbite and was told that I needed jaw correction as a teenager, but I've never been prepared to deal with the months of metal... READ MORE

Why do I always get an over bite when I have fillers put into my lips? (photos)

I've had my lips done many times and every time I do no one likes them and the top is always larger then the bottom. Why can't I ever get them done even ? READ MORE

Are fillers a good idea for weak jawline?

I'm 18 year old male with an overbite, openbite, and a recessed jawline. I'm going to get jaw surgery but at my age right now I think I have to wait a... READ MORE

What can I do? Chin fillers? Botox? (photos)

The lower part of my face drives me insane! I have a very round face and used to have a severe overbite. My cheeks are very full (as seen in picture)... READ MORE

Hi, My bottom lip is placed a bit ahead from the upper lip I wonder if I have a slight overbite? Thank you very much. (Photos)

My main problem is that my bottom lip going ahead and I have a gummy smile and big tooth. I think that my dental problems are changing the shape of my... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old and I want to fix my aged face, marionette lines + anything that will make me look fresh. What are my options?

Im 27 years old and I have an overbite and the top row of teeth are slightly to the left compared to the bottom row. in 2010 i lost a lot of weight... READ MORE

Should I get filler to help with my overbite?

Thank you for the answers. I have one more question. I have an overbite and a recessed chin and that was why my mentalis muscle was overworked. Now... READ MORE

Curious as to the best way to fix my chin - overbite. (photos)

I have an overbite and a deep mental crease, with a large projection on my chin. I have heard fillers and surgery as options to fix this issue. Im... READ MORE

Short lip? Protruding mouth? (Photo)

I had braces for 3 years and still have a slight overbite/ overjet. could that have caused the shadow, or is it due to having a short lip? Could I... READ MORE

Chin augmentation with filler. Any suggestions?

Looking for an experienced doctor to inject filler in my chin area for augmentation. I have an overbite and the chin appears receeded. I am not ready... READ MORE

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