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In New Jersey Can a Registered Nurse Do Botox or Filler

In the State of New Jersey, can a Registered Nurse do Botox or Filler injections of Juvederm, Radiesse? READ MORE

Choosing Qualified DOT Therapy and Cosmetic Injection Providers

How do I know which doctor/provider to choose for DOT Therapy and cosmetic injections? One is a nurse practioner who has certification; One is a board... READ MORE

Can a registered nurse administer fat dissolving injections?

I am interested in getting fat dissolving injections on my chin area and have been searching around the best place I can get these injections. I... READ MORE

Is it ok to have an RN do dermal injections?

Is it ok if an RN with 8-9 yrs working with plastic surgeons and voted top 100 qualified? I've been reading that it should be a plastic surgeon to do... READ MORE

Should I be Concerned About Getting Fillers From an Aesthetic Nurse at a Reputable Medi-Spa?

Hi there! I understand everyones a dermatologist or a surgeon here. But I wanted everyone's opinion about getting derma fillers from an aesthetic... READ MORE

Do Doctors and Nurse Injectors do their own Dermal Fillers?

Im wondering how reliable it is to base your decision on picking your injector based on what their face looks like (ie:how natural their fillers... READ MORE

Why Are Plastics Docs So Down on Other Specialties Injecting?

I could understand if these plastics docs were actually the people injecting these products, I suppose. And, anyone who has been practicing longer... READ MORE

Is it safe to have tear trough filler by a nurse?

Is it a must to have a plastic surgeon or eye doctor for tear trough filler? Is it too risky to let a nurse do it? Should you go for the person that... READ MORE

Is it common for a nurse to perform the filler injections?

I scheduled an appointment with my Dr and then found out her nurse was the one that would be performing the injections. Should I cancel and find a Dr... READ MORE

Who should inject me?

It seems on this site that many people talk about their dr injecting them with fillers. I can't find a dr who actually does it - they all have their... READ MORE

Lip augmentation 0.5 ml or 1 ml? and nurse or doctor? Thank you. (photos)

Hi, I would like to get a lip filler but not an obvious ones like a big pout. My questions are - Would I benefit just half a mil (0.5 ml) as I really... READ MORE

Is it normal for a dermatologist nurse to warn you about possible skin atrophy before you get injections?

Is it a normal thing to be warned when getting info about getting injections to have the drs nurse warn the patient about possible complications?!... READ MORE

Should I get my lip injections from a 'registered nurse'? (photo)

I don't want to regret getting lip injections so I want to make sure I do my research. There's this plastic surgery place and I called for a... READ MORE

How to fix the appearance of my lips and checks?

I had juviderm injected to nasolabial folds about a year ago. Im not sure if that is the reason, but now its very noticeable that corners of my mouth... READ MORE

Filler problems 1 year later, what can I do? (Photos)

I had filler in my year troughs over a year ago & had nothing but trouble! Lumpy eyes to be precise, the nurse who did then dissolved some of it... READ MORE

Can a Nurse Administer Keloid Injection?

I am a nurse workin in a plastic Reconstructive clinic,would like 2 know if Keloid injections are in a nurses scope of practise? Kindly advise as our... READ MORE

Should It Be the Dermatoligist Who Gives the Injections?

Is it acceptable for the doctor's nurse to give the injections? READ MORE

Can nurses in Germany inject dermal fillers?

Or is it just derms and cosmetic surgeons? READ MORE

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