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Complications after hyaluronic acid injections? (photos)

I initially experienced bruising, there's a portion of the left side of nose that is numb. Yesterday my nose also got abscess I'm on antibiotic (Ospen... READ MORE

Numbness One Week After Injection in Nasolabial Folds: Should I Worry?

25 year old, had HA injections in the nasolabial folds 1 week ago. Everything seemed to be ok until yesterday when i started to feel numbness in this... READ MORE

Severe allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid face injection! (Photo)

I am based in South Korea. I went to the doctor to get hyaluronic acid injections in the face as a means to moisturize skin. Those injection left me... READ MORE

I had dermal fillers in my lips Australia by a dr in March. I find my lips are swollen in the morning and numb. Advice? (photo)

I have been living in Australia and know the medi spa. In the morning when I wake up my lips are swollen and very sore and I can't drink a cup of tea... READ MORE

How is the lower lip numbed for lip fillers?

Hi. I had mine done recently and my consultant said she could not numb the lower lip! READ MORE

Nerve damage from filler photo. (photo)

I had a filler called hydraulic inhected into my cheeks 1 month ago.Since injection I have had nerve pain, continual eye twitching on left side which... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Complications from Dental Block And/or Restylane in Lips?

1 month ago I had restylane injections in my lips (.5 syringe total) along with a dental block. I have had this done several times before, never had a... READ MORE

1 month post op filler, and I am still numb. Any suggestions?

A month ago I had filler placed above upper lip into a scar and at the top of naso-labial fold. started feeling numb a bit after but it cleared. day 2... READ MORE

Help. Pain, numbness after my Hyacorp derm filler injected into my lips. (Photo)

I had Hyacorp derm filler injected into my lips 4 days before without anesthetic, was very painful. Just on the left side of my upper lip I feel pain(... READ MORE

Lip still numb 5 days after tear trough dermal fillers. Will this go away on it's own?

Hi my upper right lip has been completely numb since I had a dermal filler procedure to fill my under eye hollows. I felt my upper right lip become... READ MORE

How soon after a sliding genioplasty reduction can you get lip injections? My bottom lip is still numb.

Hello, I just had a sliding genioplasty reduction and my bottom lip is still numb. Would it be ok to get lip injections while my lip is numb? Or would... READ MORE

Should I be really concerned about my fillers and what can I do to improve the unwanted results? (Photo)

I had fillers exactly 3 weeks ago. My skin seem to react to them feeling hot and sore and with dark purple bruising in all areas injected around my... READ MORE

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