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What Happens when You Inject a Little Filler on the Tip of the Nose?

Will the nose look a little fuller if injected with some filler if the tip is too small without raising the nose? And if you add filler along the... READ MORE

Nose Tip Lift with Filler Restylane

I have heard that you can inject filler under the nose-tip to lift it and make it more attactive but I can't find much information about it online... READ MORE

Which dermal fillers are best to fill in a small dent in left soft tissue triangle on nose tip?

PS=Stellar credentials/39yrs.exp. Following rhinoplasty I'm still left with a small dented soft tissue triangle in nose tip.On frontal:left tip is... READ MORE

Can I get the tip of my my nose more lifted with fillers?

About 2 months ago I filled my nose with radiesse, the results were good, I liked it. However after just 2 days the results disappeard. The doctor... READ MORE

Can fillers give a pinched nose a rounder appearance and more of break at the tip rather than a straight profile?

I like my profile however I prefer a slight break at the tip of my nose and a slight break to give it a more feminine look. Also the sides of the tip... READ MORE

What Injectable Filler would you recommend to Augment and Correct Upturned, Pointing up, Tip of Nose after Rhinoplasty?

I used to have downward&longer tip which I realize makes me pretty.But after revision Rhinoplasty,its projecting up and changin overall look of my... READ MORE

Nose wing crest is too deep. Can you erase it? (Photo)

So as you can see on the picture my nose wing crest is very deep and wide.. The tip of my nose is too countered. Is there anyway to erase this or make... READ MORE

Do nose fillers create scar tissue?

I wanted to get nose fillers and was wondering if it will make scar tissue? Would it possibly pose as a problem when I decide on a real nose job once... READ MORE

Necrosis in nose tip? (Photo)

Hello, I had filler injected to my nose 4 days ago. The area where the filler was injected is a little red, but I don't have any pain or swelling. Do... READ MORE

Feeling much older than I am. What would could I have done to look closer to my age? (Photo)

I swear I have aged more this year than ever before. I'm 27 but look like I'm in my mid thirties. I think I've lost a lot of volume in my face and I... READ MORE

Can fillers make my nose seem skinnier?

My nose has a really round and big tip,and since I'm a bit to young for a nose job (I am 15) I was wondering if nose fillers could help give my nose a... READ MORE

Will filler between upper lip and new nasal tip be needed to resolve gap and more noticeable nasolabial folds? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty to refine hanging tip about 5 months ago. This was a closed rhinoplasty. I have used j-derm to plump lips and fill labial folds.... READ MORE

Can I use a non surgical approach ie fillers to fix my tip after revision rhinoplasty?

Hi I have had rhinoplasty and a revision surgery to fix the bump on the bridge. That came out great however my tip now has 2 circles of cartilage... READ MORE

Will a filler work for my for nose problem? (photos)

The tip of my nose has a "dent", I've been told it is split cartilage. I HATE it! If you are looking down at the top of my nose it is indented the... READ MORE

Which filler gives the best support for pinched nose tip?

I tried an HA filler. It looked good for a week but once swelling went down went back to normal READ MORE

Can crushed cartilage be used to mimic juvederm?

Hi, I recently had filler put in my nose in the tip, on the sides of the nose, and on top of the bridge. The result is a slight, hardly noticable to... READ MORE

The cartilage in the tip of my nose is a bit uneven. Can filler be used to safely even this out? (photos)

Can filler be used to safely even this out? Are there any risks with this type of procedure? And finally, can a simple nose tip augmentation be done... READ MORE

What to Do for Blood Spot on Tip of Nose After Dermal Filler?

I had a dermal filler put in the bridge of my nose and the doctor injected some in the tip as well. It left a pin head size black/blue blood blister... READ MORE

Can Fillers be used in the nose tip to make it appear longer and less upturned?

Can fillers in the tip help an upturned nose by making it appear longer and straight ? Can it also help with making noatrils less piggy on front VEIW... READ MORE

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