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Dermal Filler for smoker lines, have had two treatments within 1 week break, and they are still there. Why? (Photo)

I never had Dermal Fillers before, and I am not 40. I do have a lip closure insufficiency that means although of course the smoking didnt help, even... READ MORE

Injectables have not worked. What other procedures can you suggest?

I have tried Juvederm and Radiesse. When first injected, I look great. In a day or two I have the bruises ( which is expected) and am left with the... READ MORE

Why is my face so deformed, swollen and out of shape? Taken antibiotics for infection from doctors but no change. (photos)

I've had fillers for around seven years with no issues however in the past year or more something has gone wrong! I've not had fillers in my cheek for... READ MORE

When Will I See Results from Juvederm and Botox?

I had juverderm at my nasalabeal folds and 35 units botox around my eye and furrow areas. It's been 2 days I don't see difference READ MORE

Nasal labial folds fillers - it's been 7 days and I haven't seen any improvement. Does it take time for the effects to appear?

I have had fillers done to my nasal labial folds 7 days ago and hadn't seen any improvement ever since. Should I be worried or does it take time for... READ MORE

There are not a difference after lip fillers. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got lip fillers 5 days ago. My doctor told me he would inject 1ml in the upper lip and one in the bottom lip. After the swelling went down I dont... READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid. What went wrong?

I got Hyaluronic Acid injections 3 months ago to look better, youthful but didnt see any changes. AT ALL. The doctor is certified I... READ MORE

Emervel. No change at all? (Photo)

I just had Emervel lip injections and there is no change at all!! I have really thin lips and have been wanting to get this done for ever so I could... READ MORE

Volbella useless, what are my options? (Photos)

7 years ago I had 1/4th syringe of juvederm put in my upper lip. I love the results and it definitely gave me more volume. In march, I had 2 syringes... READ MORE

Filler in top lip only? And not very noticeable. (Photos)

I had filler in my lip for the first time 3 days ago. The doctor told me that she would use 1ml of filler and only a small mount of thay on my bottom... READ MORE

Lip fillers not disappearing.

I had lip fillers injected in my upper lip 14 months ago. Even though initial swelling had gone away, the material doesn't seem to be disappearing and... READ MORE

I had my nose filler removed with hyaluronic acid but I can't see a difference. Advice? (photo)

Hi i recently got 1 sriynge of noes filler done and im very unhappy with the results as the docter made my tip really large so i went to a remove it... READ MORE

ON two separate occasions I have had Botox injected for eyebrow lift, as well for the forehead. No effect.

I do not have photos because there is nothing to see, just me. The first doctor was amazed, and told me she had never seen this, and the second doctor... READ MORE

Amalian Fillers for Face and Lips? (photo)

I had a filler called Amalian (Amalian II or Amalian LT II) - by Nordic Aesthetics from Sweden injected in my cheeks and lips - he used the same one... READ MORE

Recurring pink nose month and a half after hyaluronic acid filler to nose. (photos)

So it's been about a month and a half since I had nose filler (hyaluronic acid) but i have noticed the tip of my nose becomes pink at certain times,... READ MORE

Does it take two weeks to see actual results when getting fillers using juverm or restylane?

I was told by the Dr who injected restylane onto my nasolabial fold that it takes 2 weeks to see the results. It's been 3 weeks and I see no results... READ MORE

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