Necrosis + Injectable Fillers

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How Rare is Skin Necrosis when Using Dermal Fillers?

Could I please get a "1 in ....." example of the odds of getting skin necrosis? Thank you. READ MORE

Skin Necrosis w/ Dermal Filler - How Rare is It?

I cannot find the overall statistics for the chance of skin necrosis while receiving a dermal filler. I know this is "rare", that is all I... READ MORE

Can Migration of Filler Cause Skin Necrosis?

I am wondering if it is possible for migration of filler to "migrate" and put pressure on an artery causing skin necrosis? Has this ever... READ MORE

Numbness One Week After Injection in Nasolabial Folds: Should I Worry?

25 year old, had HA injections in the nasolabial folds 1 week ago. Everything seemed to be ok until yesterday when i started to feel numbness in this... READ MORE

Skin Necrosis with Dermal Fillers?

I’m planning on getting dermal fillers on regular basis (3-6 months). Is there a risk of skin/tissue necrosis with such regular touch up? I really l... READ MORE

Complications after hyaluronic acid injections? (photos)

I initially experienced bruising, there's a portion of the left side of nose that is numb. Yesterday my nose also got abscess I'm on antibiotic (Ospen... READ MORE

How Much Filler Can You Have Injected in One Sitting?

I heard of the chances of "skin necrosis" and to minimize this you would inject little bits in a series of sessions. Is this what most... READ MORE

I got lip filler today and there is bruising and a lump. I am worried that it's necrosis. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got lip fillers today and there is brushing on top of a lump on my bottom lip. It doesn't hurt or anything like that. This is the second time That I... READ MORE

Dermal Filler: Is it normal bruising or necrosis or worse? (photos)

I had some o.8cc of filler injected into the bridge of my nose. The nose was sore but looked fine on the first day. However, there was quite alot of... READ MORE

Is it possible to get necrosis in the chin after filler? (photo)

Coz in the first started to be blue..but the third day it getting darker..if u touch it. It doesnt fill hurt. But when it getting READ MORE

Had under eye filler last Friday, bruised severely. Can it be the necrosis?? (photos)

Hi:) Just had under eye filler(tear trough) last friday. Right after the injection, only one side started to swell and bruised imediately. For now, no... READ MORE

Are fillers in nose safe?

I have had rhinoplasty about 10 years ago. My nose has quite a few irregularities that could be easily filled in with injections. I would need very... READ MORE

How Much Dermal Filler is Considered Too Much into One Area?

I keep reading about compromised vasucularity causing necrosis due to too much filler in one area. I want some in my cheeks and want alot of... READ MORE

Are You at Risk if You Smoke when Getting Dermal Fillers?

I am a very light smoker but do it daily. Please let me know if this will put me at risk for skin necrosis, or? READ MORE

Is it safe to use derma filler for an indented acne scar on the side of the nose? (photos)

I have a depressed acne scar on the side of my nose. Is it safe to use dermal fillers in this area? If so, is there a recommended filler for this type... READ MORE

What are the risks of lip fillers? (Hyaluronic acid)

I want to get lip fillers with HA, but only if I can be absolutely sure there are no SERIOUS risks (I'm not as worried about temporary bruising or... READ MORE

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