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What Can I Do with my Lower Face (Chin, Jawline and Neck)? (photo)

I am 44 years old. Since the picture was taken, I have been to a doctor who has put filler in my lips and in the nasolabial folds. I have a discussion... READ MORE

Dermal Fillers for Wrinkles and Loose Skin on the Neck?

I'm just starting to get loose skin on my neck and I don't want surgery. I haven't found any miracle cream and I don't want multiple treatments. Can... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid serum vs injection fillers?

Will applying " hyaluronic acid serum pure ha" on the face and neck area twice per day give you the same results of filler injections ? "target" deep... READ MORE

Fillers for Neck Lines?

Hello, I am dealing with horizontal lines on my neck. Im 27 years old and I am starting to show aging due to this lines. I was wondering, what... READ MORE

Is there a Safe Filler that Can be Used for Volume Replacement in the Neck?

Is there a safe filler that can be used in the neck are to fill in a dent caused from aggressive liposuction? One that is temporary and can add enough... READ MORE

What is the best filler to treat the small lines around the mouth? (sometimes referred to as smokers lines) there any way to treat the skin on the upper neck under the chin? I just turned 40 and have noticed lines & it look like the skin is... READ MORE

31 Yro Female. Need help figuring out what treatment I need to correct jawline, chin and neck. (Photo)

Hi, thanks for reading, I'm 31 and ever since my early 20s I've had loss of defined jawline and now it is becoming very obvious. When I look down or... READ MORE

Which Facial Fillers are Safe to Use in the Neck to Correct Lipo Depression?

What "temporary" facial filler would be safe to use in the neck to try and correct lipo depression? I am interested in a temporary solution... READ MORE

Fat/Filler injections to clavicle/upper chest/neck area?

I am only 29 years old but due to an almost decade long eating disorder, the upper part of my chest has completely thinned out and there is no fat... READ MORE

Safe to put filler in the body?

Is there any doctor that could place filler in areas such as my fingers, wrists, feet, toes, ankles, underneath the butt( stretch mark area), neck,... READ MORE

Can fillers be used to fill in the neck area?

I have some slightly saggy skin on my neck, right under my chin, from a history of weight loss. I have had chemical peels, with limited results, and... READ MORE

Does hyaluronic acid always get absorbed by the skin?

I had 1 ml hyaluronic acid injected on my neck. 3 weeks later my neck is peppered with deposits. My doc told me a week ago to massage it and I have... READ MORE

Are these premature jowls and neck sag? What can I do? I am 25 (Photo)

I am 25 and lost 30 lbs two years ago. Not sure if what I am seeing is grounds for concern. Is this sag/extra skin or maybe just extra fat? When I... READ MORE

I'm 57 y/o and no longer like what I see in the mirror. My eyes look tired and my nasolabial folds have gotten deeper. (Photo)

I've been working out for the past 15 years. My nasolabial folds have gotten deeper and my jowls are sagging more now (although my neck is still... READ MORE

Cosmetic Fillers other than Fat in the Neck Area?

Is there any other filler that can be used in the neck region other then fat injections to fill in a indentation from to much fat removal? One that is... READ MORE

Are any of you doctors using ProfHilo filler/treatment? Would love to know your opinion of it, especially in the neck!

Are any of you doctors using ProfHilo filler/treatment? Would love to know your opinion of it, especially in the neck!! READ MORE

Topical Anesthetic Advice

Will This Topical Numb Well BENZOCAINE : 20 % LIDOCAINE : 6 % TETRACAINE : 4 % will this numb the facail area including neck...upper lips my last... READ MORE

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