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Possible to Use Filler in Chin Indentation and to Get Lip Curl?

During a recent consult, it was suggested I get filler in a chin indention to soften it. I've never heard of this. Can this be done to look natural... READ MORE

Long-term Effects of Botox and Dermal Fillers?

I started having Botox (forehead) and dermal fillers (NBL, cheeks, tear trough, sometimes lips) about 3 years ago. I love the result, so subtle and... READ MORE

Can I Use Fillers to Make my Lips More Symmetric?

I have naturally full lips and I overall like them.But,the right side of both my uper and lower lip is fuller than the left side.So my question is -... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Fillers Without Looking Stiff?

I am 40 and have successful botox injectiions twice and dysport once. I am unhappy with the creases around my mouth and understand I need a filler for... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for Filling out the Midface Region? Not Looking for Dramatic Results.

I have a thin face, with cheek hollows that are fairly pronounced. It's not caused by aging, it's just genetics. I'm only in my twenties and not... READ MORE

Do Doctors and Nurse Injectors do their own Dermal Fillers?

Im wondering how reliable it is to base your decision on picking your injector based on what their face looks like (ie:how natural their fillers... READ MORE

Jaw, cheek and chin fillers at 18?

What is your opinion and what do you think would be most doctors opinion, on getting jaw, cheek and maybe also chin fillers at 18 years old (female)?... READ MORE

Hardly any upper lip, are real "natural" looking results possible with something like hyaluronic acid? (Photo)

Hi there, 20yo male here! I have a very thin upper lip and I've been weighing my options on what the best possible method of temporary correction... READ MORE

Can I use a filler to make a chin implant look more natural? (Photos)

I had a chin implant about three years ago. I wanted to be very conservative as I was nervous so the surgeon implanted a very small piece. I don't... READ MORE

Chin fillers .. What is the best type of fillers for chin and jaws to get a defined but yet a natural look?

I have really weak chin and jaws. I want to have implants but I wanted to see the result first with fillers before commitment to a permanent implant... READ MORE

What is the absolute best natural looking filler for the cheeks?

I know different types of fillers are good for certain areas, example I always hear that restalyn/restalyn silk is best for under the eye area. What... READ MORE

If I have very very thin lips, will an injectable filler make my lips look unnatural? (photos)

I have deep vertical lines above lip that I would like to get rid of. What is the best solution to remain natural looking. READ MORE

Can i have filler placed around the lips and not in the actual lip? (photo)

I want filler in my cupids bow or under the cupids bow, and possibly a tiny bit in the bottom lip opinions please. also if i have filler under the... READ MORE

Face has lost volume over the years. What areas would filler help? (Photo)

I am 25 years old and over the years I have lost volume in my face. I would like to get voluma or any filler in my cheeks. Apex area. Where else can I... READ MORE

How many syringes of lip filler would be appropriate to make my lips appear fuller but still natural? (Photo)

I’m looking to get lip fillers but was curious about how many syringes would be appropriate on my lips to make them fuller but still look natural. I... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of fine, or so I think they are, marionette lines and the darker pigmentation around them? (Photo)

Am only 26 years old. If fillers are needed which type would be best to look natural. Or specific topical treatments to correct pigmentation. READ MORE

Considering a filler in my face to add some volume.

I am 38 years old & looking in to a filler for my cheek area. Can you recommend one that provides the most natural results & does not cause... READ MORE

Best natural results from injectable fillers for volume loss? (Photo)

My face is noticably hollow. I am intrested in a possible cheek or chin enhancement but I only plan on getting one or the other at the moment. I want... READ MORE

What kind of filler is used around the mouth and chin?

I have folds around my mouth and I have lost volume in that area as well..... what filler is best for that that has a natural and long lasting effect.... READ MORE

Filler for marionette lines? (Photo)

I'm interested in fillers to improve the appearance of my marionette lines. What can be done and how natural will it look? Would you recommend filling... READ MORE

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