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Injectable Filler Migration: Any Solutions?

I have tried fat grafting and restylane to correct under eye hollows. In both cases, the results were great at first, but after a month or so the... READ MORE

Can Migration of Filler Cause Skin Necrosis?

I am wondering if it is possible for migration of filler to "migrate" and put pressure on an artery causing skin necrosis? Has this ever... READ MORE

Can You Get a Emboli from Lip Augmentation with a Hyaluronic Acid? (photo)

If you are injecting a hyaluronic acid into the lips for plumping purposes, can it get into a vein and travel to your lungs or brain? I know that it... READ MORE

Subq Cheek Filler Has Migrated Under Eye

Hello There! i had subq cheek in april 2011 3 months later noticed filler has moved under left eye phoned clinic asked to go in doctor said he could... READ MORE

Can injectable filler migrate?

Filler such as radiesse injected into the cheek bones or chin, if i put pressure on that area will the filler migrate or change form? READ MORE

I had vitrase to dissolve filler in my cheek and it left my skin saggy and crepey on one side. How can I get my skin back ?

The next day I woke up, and my face was so hallow, the vitrase i believe migrated to my tear trough because it looked very saggy, crepey and like it... READ MORE

Migrating filler or water retention due to HA fillers in cheeks, how can I find out what the problem is? (photos)

My face looks terrible after using various HA fillers over the last 18 months. I have scar tissue in my cheeks from removing malar implants 2 years... READ MORE

Will filler that has migrated dissolve over time? (Restylane/Perlane/Juvederm)

I'm fearful some of my restylane migrated into my lower chin and jaw areas. I was just wondering if it too will dissolve over time? I really hate the... READ MORE

Can hyaluronic acid filler "move" or even go into the eyeball if laying on it?

I received filler in the temples, eye orbital area, and crows feet area (side of face).........My question was, I lay on this exact area, while... READ MORE

Effect of filler. What is this? (Photo)

More than 5 years ago I got filler (forget what type) in my laugh lines and cheeks. As a result I have this bulging area on right side near laugh line... READ MORE

What can be done to give me a more aesthetic appearance. Please bare in mind though that fillers migrate on me. (photo)

If you do suggest fillers id just like to say I've tried different fillers ones that are meant to be quite thick and long lasting too. But ultimately... READ MORE

Under-eye Filler migrating. Any suggestions?

I had under eye filler almost 3 months ago. About second month started to notice that filler looked like it had moved to my cheek bone. went to see dr... READ MORE

Volbella or Silk for undereye hollow (medial and lateral)?

I would like a SOFT filler that WON'T MIGRATE and can be DISSOLVED EASILY with hyaluronidase. It DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LONG-LASTING as I believe fillers... READ MORE

Foreign substance was injected in my cousin's face 7 years ago in nasolabial folds that migrated under the lips.

She had some of it melted in Paris, and it worked, but he would not touch the area under her lips. She is not sure what was injected...Lebanon 7 years... READ MORE

How Rare is Migration After Receiving Dermal Filler?

Please tell me in numbers, what are the the odds approximately of your dermal fillers migrating? READ MORE

Injections of Essentiale (Phosphatidylcholine) Affecting Adjacent Areas

I have had injections of Essentiale (phosphatidylcholine) in my upper and bottom tummy 3days ago I experienced the usual effect post injections... READ MORE

What to do if filler isn't dissolving or migrates?

Hello, I had some filler injected in the midcheek area only, however i can feel some filler under my eye area. What shall I do? Could it be dangerous?... READ MORE

Facial fillers tend to "migrate". How to prevent that during a facial at a SPA?

What are the best procedures for a SPA treatment after the facial fillers? Can steam, HF, galvanic, infrared, ultrasonic, vacuum or microdermabrasion... READ MORE

Any suggestions for filler injections?

I had filler injection in face and after major problems i went to hospital and was told that the filler had migrated. I soon after started to... READ MORE

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