Mid Face + Injectable Fillers

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I'm not sure what I should do about my protruding mouth area and hollowing of my mid face. Any suggestions? (photo)

I I have been noticing since the past year that my mouth area seems to protrude. It also seems that my mid face area is hollowing and I'm only 24! I... READ MORE

Am I not a good candidate for under eye filler because my mid face is flat? (photos)

A doctor told me that I'm not a good candidate for fillers because I technically don't have hollowing, but rather a negative orbital vector and mild... READ MORE

Botox or Fillers Better for Mid-face Area?

I wanna ask, what is better for mid face (tear trough) - is it botox or fillers? READ MORE

What filler would you recommend for mid face hollowing and deepening nasolabial folds?

Hello Drs, recently I noticed hollowing of the mid-face area (periorbital region down to nasolabial folds). Skin feels "lax" but I think it's volume... READ MORE

I want to get volume on my mid face. What would you recommend? (photos)

Hi I am 35 years old and I have lost a lot of fat on my mid face also on the cheeks but I feel whats making me look older is the part under my cheeks... READ MORE

Can fillers lift the cheeks or do I need a mid face lift? (Photo)

It seems my cheeks have fallen. My lower cheeks have great volume when I smile, but my upper cheeks and under eye are hollow. This is also causing my... READ MORE

Options for indents under eyes? (photos)

I've done a bit of research and I think they are midface grooves but I'm not so sure. They really embarrass me and get worse when I get less sleep -... READ MORE

What procedure do I need to restore volume and aging? (photo)

At 30 I started to age quite fast. Currently, at 31, I've had a little bit of botox in my forehead, 1,0 ml of Voluma applied to both cheeks and Voluma... READ MORE

Which fillers would be best for me? (Photo)

I am 34 y.o. Male with cheek implants. I am interested in opinions on what fillers would be appropriate for me. Below, I'm posting a picture of my... READ MORE

What recommendations would you make regarding fillers vs. mid face lift for this almost 37 year old who is aging fast? (Photo)

I'm trying to determine the best course of action. Consulted with board cert doc - initially recommended mid-face lift and then said we could get by... READ MORE

What happens to fillers used for the cheeks and midface as they dissolve?

I'd either like midface augmentation of fillers to soften a flat midface and diminish nasolabial folds that age me. Voluma, Radiesse, Dysport etc... READ MORE

Long term side affects with facial fillers?

What are the side affects of facial fillers in the long run? I've gotten facial filler on my face 3 times on upper cheek(just a little) and NL.... READ MORE

Would mid face cheek fillers fix my face? (photo)

I think my face is asymmetrical and pretty bland. I also notice sagging in my cheek area. Should I get fillers in the apple of my cheeks? READ MORE

What will help the loss of volume in my face/under eyes? (photos)

I'm 29 and noticed that I've looked tired a lot recently. My under eye area looks gaunt and I now have an asymmetrical mid face, which I think was... READ MORE

What are my options for sagging midface, extremely sunken cheeks, and deep nasolabial folds (26 year old male)? (Photo)

I have a lack of cheek volume, sagging cheeks and deep nasolabial folds, leading to premature aging. Despite my young age, am I a candidate for a... READ MORE

Reduction of long mid face? (Photos)

I'm trying to achieve a shorter face/ slimmer look. I feel like my face is very oval, with no natural contouring and with big masculine features. I... READ MORE

Can FAMI (fat injections) lift the mid face and help with jowls/NL folds? Does it last longer than other fillers? (Photo)

Hello, I'm 31 years old and since 1,5 year I'm really aging quite fast. I have fillers in my cheeks (I believe it's 1,0 ml Voluma on every side), my... READ MORE

Can fillers help me? Cheek hollowness. (photos)

Recently I have noticed that when I smile I have hollow spots in my mid face near my nose. It is more pronounced on my right side and looks like a... READ MORE

Would fillers help for my narrow/long mid face & facial asymmetry? (Photo)

I'm 33 and have never had work done on my face. I desire a more heart shaped face with a shorter mid face. Could fillers achieve this or do I need a... READ MORE

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