Malar Bags + Injectable Fillers

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I hate my malar creases! Can I have filler to correct this problem? (Photo)

I really saw the malar creases in a recent photo I took. When I smile is when it really shows...and it depends on the light. I recently (2 months ago)... READ MORE

I'm interested filling tear trough & adding volume to malar area. What would you recommend? (photos)

25 year old female, good health, no previous cosmetic procedures. I'm interested in correcting my hereditary tear trough and adding volume to the... READ MORE

Can botox for crows feet or filler under the eye cause the malar festoon line to become more visible? (Photo)

I recenetly got botox for my crows feet and a little filler right under the eye, every since the treatment I noticed my malar festoon lines are very... READ MORE

Are these festoons or malar bags under my eyes? How should I go by correcting this problem? (Photo)

I had a laser procedure to get rid of some redness under my eyes done about 2 weeks ago and I had these bags beforehand, but they werent very... READ MORE

HA Fillers Destroyed my Skin? Need a Better Option.

Im 31 and have been using HA fillers since the age of 25 in the cheek chin nabalabial folds and submalar V area. (10-15mls) Every month something... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons who have had success treating malar bags?

Hello. I am desperately trying to find ANY surgeon who has had success in treating malar bags, and through what means? Whether it is with thermitight,... READ MORE

What is the best filler for my malar creases? (Photo)

I’ve had these genetic malar creases since I was a baby and the more older I get, the worse they look and the more tired I look. I’d like to know if ... READ MORE

Malar festoons? I'm only 25. What can I do? (Photo)

I've had these since I can remember and they are always knocking my confidence, when I go out I am concerned about what light I sit in, incase it... READ MORE

Tear trough filler created malar crease and I have big dents under my eyes now. It has been 7 days. Is this swelling? (Photo)

Since getting tear trough filler/ cheek filler of restylane I suddenly had malar creases and dents under both sides of my eyes on identical places. If... READ MORE

Under eye tear trough dropping? (Photos)

I'm very thin, yes, but haven't changed weight in last few years. The fat under my eye keeps dropping, now to the malar region of my cheeks. The tear... READ MORE

What can be done with my malar mounds/ tear trough lines? (photos)

Are fillers effective in treating my upper cheek lines? Is this area routinely treated with fillers? And which fillers are used and how long does it last? READ MORE

Will cheek injections fix this? (Photo)

I have had my tear through filled. However, I am skeptic about whether or not cheek fillers will fix this. I have chronic sinusitis and allergies. I... READ MORE

I am not sure if I have malar bags but I have puffiness on my cheekbone area? (Photos)

I am 33 years old. I am trying to figure out if I have molar bags. If so what is the best treatment. Also I have found that it is hereditary... So... READ MORE

What can I expect from a tear trough fill treatment? (photos)

Hi I had a consultation with a dr Attualah in manchester I wanted some lower eyelid improvement As i have always had malar bag s showing even when i... READ MORE

Can you indefinitely use fillers to mask malar bags or are their consequences. Is there a permanent fix my drs not aware of?

I have hereditary malar bags which seem to be less noticeable after my period ends. I got a lower bleph with upper cheek lift which is where my malar... READ MORE

Pigmentation or Malar Festoons? (25y/o) (photo)

2 months ago i found these pigmentation thing (or are there malar festoons) starting from the corner of my eyes till my ear level. They are on both... READ MORE

Treatment for genetic malar bags (festoons)? (Photo)

At present, the malar bags are relatively slight, but I am only 19. I know that it will worsen over time, and I am wondering what treatments would be... READ MORE

Subcision for malar mounds? Will this help? (photo)

I am 31 and have malar mounds. Unfortunately I've been injected by a few oculoplastic surgeons and the filler seems to move around and especially on... READ MORE

Should I go for filler or eyelid surgery? (Photo)

Hello... please any suggestion with malar problem? A doctor advise me to undergo lower eyelid surgery. I'm so desperately need your advise... thank you. READ MORE

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