Loose Skin + Injectable Fillers

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Nasolabial folds and Marionette lines at age 55 - I hate them. Any suggestions? (photos)

The funny thing, I don't mind wrinkles. However this nasolabial fold, combined with marionette lines, I can't take it. I simply can't stand the way it... READ MORE

Eye Treatment - Range of Solutions? (photo)

After a stressful year, I've noticed my eyes change dramatically. The skin appears to have lost volume / fat and/or experienced loosening. At the... READ MORE

Fillers or fat grafting under eyes? Neck lift or kybella?

I am 33 and i am a model . I have a shoot coming up on Dec 15th so I am confused about what treatment shall I get ? Every doctor i go to suggests... READ MORE

I have very loose skin on my cheeks & I would like to tighten it up. Could filler be a permanent solution? (photos)

I've already talked to several docters on this website and they claim that this skin filler (Voluma) Will solve my problems instead of a facelift or... READ MORE

Filler for tear troughs - skin tightening necessary? (photo)

Hi a little help please, i have deep tear troughs but the skin under my eye is quite loose, would filler correct these or would i need the skin... READ MORE

How can I create more definition/tighten up my jaw line/neck area? (Photos)

Hi I am looking for the best treatment options to create more definition in my jaw line. I seem to have some mild fat deposits or loose skin... READ MORE

Can filler be inject right under lash line to get rid of wrinkles there? (photos)

Im 24 years old and ive noticed lines right under my lashes. Ive also always had dark circles but the skin there has become looser. How can i improve... READ MORE

What fillers will help with the loose skin I see when I smile? (Photo)

What fillers will help all the loose skin I see when I smile ? Also my upper lip now looks to disappear when I smile, can a cheek filler help correct... READ MORE

Hollowing due to facial palsy? Would filler be recommended to resolve the hollowing?

I was diagnosed with Guillaine Barre Syndrome when I was 18 years old (October 2012) I am now 21 but have noticed some hollowing under my eyes and... READ MORE

Safe to do filler beside chin implant? Will the chin skin become saggy or loose? (photo)

The bottom edge of my chin implant shows when I tip my chin down making it appear as though I have a double chin. Also, the edge shows in photos taken... READ MORE

I am a 31 years old woman, my problem is premature aging on my facial skin.

I am a 31 years old woman having 26 weeks pregnancy as well, actually my problem is premature aging on my facial skin which has become loose and... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Loose Skin Around Cheek to Mouth from Acoustic Neuroma (Facial Paralysis?) (photo)

I had an acoustic tumor.The second surgery presented facial weakness on the former tumor side.There is a line under the mouth that forms around that... READ MORE

If you have loose skin around the eye, would fillers still work?

Im planning to have tear trough treatment but i have been told that i have skin laxity around the eyes and it will not be straight forward,should i... READ MORE

39F with asymmetrical looseness of the face. Had multiple maxillofacial fillers on the right but they shift, waste of $ (Photo)

I love the way the left angle of my face looks, but my right has a much deeper cleft next to the nose, the jawline seems weaker, and from the front my... READ MORE

Would filler help?

I'm 26 and have lost weight too quickly after having kids, as a result I have looser skin on my face which I think is causing my smile lines to be... READ MORE

Facial Volumization. Is future gene the answer?

I'm 68, 5'11", 125 lbs, ex-runner and in great health. No visible fat, just loose skin around my waist. Therefore I tend to rule out Fat Grafting to... READ MORE

Filler for lax/droopy eyelids? (Photos)

I'm only 21 but have lost weight many times so my skin in general is loose, but it really bothers me on my eyelids. Could filler be used to even them... READ MORE

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