Longevity + Injectable Fillers

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Why Do Botox and Undereye Injections Disappear So Quickly?

Had filler under eyes and Botox at least 3 times and never last more than a month. Could it be a medical problem? Why do fillers and Botox not last... READ MORE

How Long Do Injectable Fillers REALLY Last?

I'm interested in filling my undereye hollows, nasolabial folds and a set of lines outside of those, marionette lines, and a little bit in my chin... READ MORE

How Long Do Injectable Fillers Last?

Which last the longest and how long? Cost? READ MORE

Is there a reason my lip injections don't seem to stay as long as they should?

Ive gotten both Juvederm and Restylane injections before and both tend to make my lips look plumper but only for a month or so. Could it be that my... READ MORE

How Long Does a Permanent Filler Last in the Tear Troughs?

I had my tear troughs injected with a filler for 3 years now. It looked great the first 18 months but now it lumped out. My doctor is insisting that... READ MORE

Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Ever Completely Dissolve?

I know that HA fillers like juvederm ultra last 4-6 months in the lips, and Ultra Plus and Perlane 6-9 mo's. I had perlane 1.5 years ago, and 85%... READ MORE

Cost, longevity, and consequences of using fillers for a weak chin?

I am a 19 year old female with a weak chin. I do not want a chin implant at this time because I am young and do not want something permanent in case I... READ MORE

How long does saline solution last when injected to test out an appearance similar to that of filler?

When sterile saline is injected, how long will the effects last ? does this generate scar tissue or have any risks or side effects? READ MORE

I have lines around the lower bottom sides of my mouth when i smile. What fillers will work to get rid of these lines? (Photo)

Im thin, and I have loss of volume in my face, im only in my early 30's...i dont want to look older in my face because i am on the thin side. What... READ MORE

Radiesse Vs. Perlane Vs Chin Implant Material (More Pliable Version)

I'm a 50yo male and just got injectable filler. I was told Radiesse lasts longer and is better for naso labial folds. Does Radiesse really last... READ MORE

Fillers Are Too Expensive Don't You Think? Killing Wallets During Hard Times?

The fillers used today only last 6-12 months. Fillers discourage volumizing the face because of the cost. You could spend 3k+ on fillers in one year,... READ MORE

Four Questions on Face Fillers?

I'm 51. With the assumption, that I am a good candidate for both fillers for marionette lines and Nasolabial... 1-Of all the face fillers, (incluidng... READ MORE

How Long Does Hylaform Last?

I'm planning to have hylaform injections in my face, lips and chin (I have a lil crack in my chin). But I'm wondering how long hylaform... READ MORE

A Refill on Lips After a Month for Filler to Stay Longer?

I've heard a somewhat of a rumor, that as a first timer, it is best to get a refill after a filler (on lips) within one month after the first... READ MORE

How long does Surgiderm 24XP stay in body? Can anything be done (besides Hyaluronidase) to make it dissolve faster?

How long does Surgiderm 24 XP stay in your body? Is there anything I could do to make it dissolve faster? I have Systemic lupus and made a mistake of... READ MORE

How Long Does Esthelis Last In Tear Troughs?

I had 0.6 mls of esthelis in my tear troughs. The last of my top up was done 20th sept 2011. Im concerned as already i can notice a hollowing under my... READ MORE

When Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Leave the Body?

Is it proved that HA fillers leaves the body copletely? I still have some left after 11 m. I just want it to go away. READ MORE

Why Would Dermal Filler Only Last Weeks in Some Patients?

I am concerned as I have a very high metabolism, I can shed pounds fast, food doesn't stick with me for long, etc. I have read a few people... READ MORE

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