Kenalog + Injectable Fillers

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PMMA Overfill in Infraorbital Rim: Will Kenalog Help?

I had PMMA injected into my infraorbital rims & I feel that it is slightly too much, causing me to have "puffy" undereyes. I understand... READ MORE

Is atrophy and discoloration due to kenalog injections permanent? (Photo)

I had kenalog injections to dissolve some fillers over a month ago and now I have discoloration and 2 dents. I had fillers to fill in the dent but 3... READ MORE

Why can't I find a doctor that will do saline injections for fat atrophy?

I have fat atrophy from kenalog 40 injections under my jawline on both sides of my chin. It was too strong mg for my skin type. I have read several... READ MORE

Why aren't doctors warning their patients about the atrophy side effects of kenalog injections?

Why are doctors not warning their patients about the horrible atrophy distruction kenalog injections can do to skin. I have read post after post from... READ MORE

How do I remove the fibrous tissue as a result of a combination facial fillers? (photos)

I have had fillers (raddiess, juverderm and restalyne) over the past few years as a result of having kenalog invested in the same areas (Malar... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to remove the silicone from my nasolabial folds without leaving unsightly scars?

Years ago my surgeon gave me some silicone injections on my nasolabial folds which caused shadows to appear under the injections. The doctor gave me... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to use 5-FU/ Kenalog combo for filler complications when hyaluronidase will not work?

Voluma six months ago, multiple hyaluronidase injections only got me this far. mri shows cysts (but i do not know the nature of the cyst, whether ha... READ MORE

Will kenalog injection reduce the stiffness of my silicone lips? (Photos)

I had 1st grade silicone injected 20 years ago. It was great at first and then got bigger over the years covering my teeths. I had several procedures... READ MORE

I had kenalog injection in my face and have atrophy. Will this repair?

Please help I had kenalog injection in my face by my dr after I had a reaction to the fillers he put in my skin has now athropy very bad and the skin... READ MORE

Removal of permanent filler (bio plastique) in upper cheek area? (Photo)

Several years ago I had pmma filler in my cheeks. It was overfilled at my last of several sessions. I had Kenalog and 5fu to the area to slow any... READ MORE

I Just Had a Kenalog Injection (7 Months Post Op) and I Have a Huge Lump on the Side of my Nose, Will This Go Away?

I never had a lump here before, I have had two kenalog injections before and I never had this problem. Is this a sign something is wrong or wil this... READ MORE

Kenalog 40 - what could happen if injected into vein?

I recently visited a dermatologist for Kenalog 40/5fu mixture to be intra-lesionaly injected into a rock hard mass caused by a permanent filler.... READ MORE

Can heavy lifting affect the effectiveness of a kenalog injection?

I had a kenalog injection recently for a chalazion and the doctor told me to avoid heavy lifting for about 2 days. But can heavy lifting affect the... READ MORE

9 days post op kenalog injection, is it normal for my nose to look more swollen than before the injections?

Hi I got a kenalog injection 9 days ago and my open rhino/septoplasty was aug 22 my plastic surgeon said it takes 6-8 weeks for the injection to take... READ MORE

Kenalog injection under eyes. Any suggestions?

Hi I got 2 sections of kenalog injection under my eyes couple of months ago I see a dentist under my eyes is it permanent? Or the fat will come back?... READ MORE

Cheeks inflamed still 2 years after filler reaction? (Photos)

In 2015 I had a filler complication to cheeks which resulted in both cheeks inflaming but my right side as pictured worse I had a golf ball size... READ MORE

Kenalog injection 11 weeks after rhinoplasty? Is it fine?

I had rhinoplasty done 10 weeks before . 4 weeks prior I had got fractional co2 laser on nose because of my uneven and thick skin but swelling on tip... READ MORE

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