Itchy + Injectable Fillers

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Hardness and Itchy Lumps in Cheek After Voluma- Normal?

I had voluma in cheeks 3 weeks ago. Right cheek was great with no probs but the left cheek immediately developed moderate swelling, hardness and 2... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid filler under eyes not dissolved after 5 years. Is there any hope that it will dissolve naturally? (Photo)

The hyaluronic acid filler I had 5 years ago in the tear trough area was never absorbed and it eventually migrated forming a hard visible bump.... READ MORE

Can I use cortisone 10 on my face?

I'm allergic to latex and nitrile; that is the only type of glove the dentist had, they used nitrile gloves. Now my face is itchy and a little swollen. READ MORE

Is it possible for me to have my lips dissolved even though I am allergic to the hyalase? (photos)

I had a doctor do a test patch of hyalase on my hand. He said I am allergic as the area turned red and was itchy for a while. After about an hour the... READ MORE

Mesoestetic filler treatment.

I've recently had mesoestetic filler treatment and after 4 weeks i rubbed my eyelids as they were itchy, and now both eyelids had dropped? Will this stay? READ MORE

Bump on chin: Will this end in a disaster? Afraid - please help. (photos)

I'm. 20 year old boy and I decided to inject my chin to make it look a little more defined or forward. English is not my first language sorry. So I... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to have Hyalase even though I seem to be allergic to it?

Last year I had a lump of filler above my top lip which I had dissolved. It made the area above my top lip swell up quite a lot (I looked like a... READ MORE

Is this necrosis? (Photos)

Hi doctors i had silicone filler implants both my hips a year ago. I noticed it was like reddish or bruising in color and the skin is dry itchy... READ MORE

Can under-eye filler cause itchy upper eye-lids?

I had under eye filler under eyes and cheek area a week ago. My upper inner eye lids have been very itchy and sometimes this a cause from... READ MORE

Voluma Swelling and Hardness in Cheek After 4 Weeks

After 4 weeks of having voluma in cheeks, I still have slight swelling, itchiness, hardness and small lumps at injection site, in 1 cheek. No probs at... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the line underneath my eyelid? (Photo)

What is it? What is it caused by? How can I correct it? I am twenty years old, and I am unsure how long I've had it it's been more than a year though.... READ MORE

Follow-up: Vitamin E injected under the skin doesn't go away for months! Will I be left with scarring? (Photos)

This is an update of my previous question. I injected my chin and my jawline with Vitamin E to make them appear more defined. Although for a month it... READ MORE

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