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Cosmetic Injections - Proper Training and Injector Qualifications?

I have read there is a proper injection method for the physician to follow to avoid problems. I do not know what the "Depo" or... READ MORE

Correcting Eyebrow Drop Due to Injection?

If eyebrow drop occurred even though the injector was an experienced medical professional, should I trust the same injector to inject the antagonistic... READ MORE

Who Can Legally Perform Cosmetic Injections in Florida?

I am trying to find out who can legally give injections in the state of Florida. I have contacted the nursing board but they were unsure. Could you... READ MORE

Wrinkle Filler Success

Are the results of Botox and Restylane different based on the injector? The results with my first round, with slow, methodical injecting, was... READ MORE

What to Ask Injector to Gauge Their Experience?

What specific questions should we ask a doctor to find out if they are experienced injectors? I would not think the number of injections would... READ MORE

I'm confused and devastated. It seems that I failed again in choosing the right injector. Or is it just my bad luck? (Boston)

Can you PLEASE share your opinions in what is the BEST approach in choosing a skilled facial injector? I'm confused with all those certifications,... READ MORE

Expert Injector - How can we tell? Hesitating on how to choose a new FPS - consulted many, yet chose/trusted the wrong one?

Physician responses always say "consult a BCFPS expert injector" - I recently had atrocious injections from a DBC FPS. Sev. 2nd opinions/consults... READ MORE

Lumps in upper lip has no improvement, should I call my injector? (Photos)

I got juvederm lip injections a week ago. I've heard mixed opinions on the "lumpiness" of the product. Some say it will resolve itself. Some say there... READ MORE

Are my lips still swollen? (Photo)

My injector who is a nurse for cosmetic procedures keeps insisting that this is not the final outcome but my lips have not changed in three days. I... READ MORE

Expert injector for tear trough area and to add/correct unevenness in the DC area?

Hi, Im looking for an expert injector for tear trough area and to add/correct unevenness to the cheek area due to fat grafting deformity. I live in DC... READ MORE

Seeking skilled cheek injector in LA who Could Use Blunt Tip Canulla & who would be prepared for injection into Vessel? (photo)

I am wanting to have cheek injections done to my inner/lower cheeks. I am worried about an adverse effect such as injection into a vessel. I want to... READ MORE

Artistic injectors in Houston, TX?

I've had filler done by nurses never had a major problem but neither were artistically inclined. I'm looking for someone to enhance my face. I hate... READ MORE

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