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Will the Bump from the Injectable Filler I Had Done Yesterday in my Forehead Reduce?

I had a filler injected into a deep crease in the centre of my forehead yesterday. I now have a rather worrying bump there instead. Will this bump... READ MORE

I Recently Had Filler, Two Weeks Later Open Wound at Injection Site, What Should I Do?

I had filler injected on my smile lines and two weeks later what started as a red lump turned into an open wound, it won't go away...suggestions? READ MORE

Facial PS Says No to Nasolabial Folds, and Instead Injects into Cheeks, Is this a Common Approach?

I visited a new facial PS as I wanted my tear troughs filled, and this isn't something my general PS often does. I also wanted filler in my... READ MORE

I Have Noticed Areas in my Face Where You Can See Outlines of Where The Filler Was Injected

I have noticed areas in my face where you can see outline of where the filler has been placed. Instead of the entire area being lifted you can see... READ MORE

What can be done with saggy cheeks and jowls in late 20s? (photos)

I'm 29 and I have saggy cheeks, jowls and nasolabial lines. Is facelift the only option for me since I've had permanent filler (aquamid) in my mid... READ MORE

What's the best filler for nose injection after Asian Rhinoplasty ? Radiesse, Juvederm or Perlane?

Im 2 months postOp asian rhinoplasty¬ satisfied after this 3rd time revision nose. Before last revision,i experienced using restylane+perlane. DR ... READ MORE

Where does the filler get injected for nasolabial folds and sunken eyes? Or is it time for a facelift? (Photos)

I have this sagging face effect. I can't tell if its due to a loss in cheek volume or what but when I smile they appear full and when I don't I look... READ MORE

25 years old with smile lines: what can I do to get rid of them? (photo)

I have had smile lines appear since I was 21 yrs old often when I was dehydrated or smiled a lot thru out the day only recently since turning 25 I... READ MORE

Anatomy of tear trough/eye area when using fillers: How do surgeons know where to inject? Why is this procedure safe? (photo)

A certified plastic surgeon did my TT filler. I was told that the eye area is a very vascular area. The surgeon told me that adding a little filler in... READ MORE

2 days ago HA dermal filler was injected into my cheeks. The last injection caused immediate swelling and a lump. What is it?

At the last injection site (with a very small amount of around 0.1-0.2ml), the injection was made and it swelled up like a ball, tightening the skin... READ MORE

Can Hylenex cause deep pimples at injection site and/or congeal under the skin vs spread out?

I had restylane put into the wrinkle between my eyes and had a massive reaction within a day, which caused a breakout of blisters all across the area... READ MORE

I Got Gaps in my Facial Hair After Restylane...

I am a guy and i got restylane or perlane (not sure which one but think it was perlane) injection in my chin. Now one day later i notice that areas... READ MORE

Why Do I Always Get a Pimple at the Injection Site from Fillers?

Most of the time after about 6 weeks or so, I get a pimple at the injection site. This has happen no matter what doctor in the past has injected me... READ MORE

Do Intra-oral Injections of Fillers Cause Less Bruising and Swelling?

I've read that intra oral injections of fillers lead to less bruising and swelling. I'm considering getting filler in my nasolabial lines and... READ MORE

I had fillers done to reduce the look of my sunken dark circles. It feels like a bruise whenever I touch it. Is that normal?

It's been about 3 months since I've got it done and I still feel a pain where the fillers were injected. READ MORE

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