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Is It Better to Have Fillers Injected with a Microcannula?

I was told that I'll have less bruising if fillers are injected with a microcannula vs. sharp needle. Is this true? Do all doctors use these? READ MORE

SALINE Injections in NYC? For Cortisone Atrophy...Steroid injection-DEEP PIT. (photo)

Any doctors here NY Metro area based that have use the saline technique to flush out cortisone from a cortisone injection? My skin has a major dent... READ MORE

Two Weeks to Recover from Nasolabial and Lip Injections?

I am getting married in exactly two weeks. Do I have enough time to get lip and nasolabial grooves done. I don't need much but could use a little help! READ MORE

Which Between Filler or Fat is Injected Deeper for Marionette Lines?

Which between fillers (like Restylane) or fat are injected more deeply into and around marionette lines and folds? Thank you. READ MORE

Any suggestions for lip injections for a black woman with full lips? (photos)

I am a 25 year old black woman with fuller lips ..I would like to get my lips filled in the sides of my bottom lip,the sides of my top lip and my... READ MORE

Why is It Rare to Inject into a Blood Vessel with Filler?

It seems like this would be easy to do when moving the needle constantly and "feathering". READ MORE

I have little lumps on my face from Hyaluronic acid filler. How long will it take to go away?

Will the little bumps go away from the injection.?s and I wanted to get more injections done on my face. Should I wait first in till the other lumps... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for a 'snarl' facial expression? (photo)

I have a snarl facial expression that I do not control and its basically stuck on my face. When other people look at me they think that I am looking... READ MORE

Where would fillers be injected to create lateral browlift? (Photo)

I'm confused as to where the fillers would be injected for eyebrow lift, I think if its injected above the eyebrow, the fillers would push my eyebrow... READ MORE

How common is bruising after a tear through filler injection?

How common is brusing after a tear through injection? Could the bruise look like I got knocked out, meaning big and ugly? I hear that men tend to... READ MORE

Mid twenties and interested in a filler for my deep nasolabial folds

I am looking for a well trained injector to perform a filler in my nasolabial fold. After doing research I am still clueless on which of the HA... READ MORE

Does this look okay for 30 hours post tear trough and cheek injections? (photos)

My first time with fillers. Dr. Did tell me it would take a week to look better. I have been doing everything I was told. Just making sure this looks... READ MORE

I have undergone with facial filler treatment in 2008 for my hollow cheeks. Is it possible to get this fillers removed???

I dont have any document stating that which filler was injected. Hence difficult for dr also to help me with a solution. Now my both the cheeks are... READ MORE

I heard there are injections that can reduce facial fat (for neck and cheeks), what are they called and is it a good treatment?

I always did not have a perfect jawline, and I lost and gained little weight a lot. Nothing very significant though. My bmi is normal but my neck... READ MORE

Traditional Injections Vs. Airgent for Fillers?

I've heard of the new technology of Airgent which makes use of the pressure of air to 'pump' the fillers into dermis. It claims that it is more... READ MORE

Can a Nurse Administer Keloid Injection?

I am a nurse workin in a plastic Reconstructive clinic,would like 2 know if Keloid injections are in a nurses scope of practise? Kindly advise as our... READ MORE

liquid Silicone in Face - Like Grains of Sand. Can it be fixed?

I had liquid silicone injected in my face over ten years ago. I have been getting cortisone injections for several years to get rid of the little... READ MORE

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