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Large Hard Bump and Infection After Filler - Hematoma?

I got filler injected into my jawline five days ago. One day later, I noticed that the area seemed somewhat swollen. I assumed it was just some... READ MORE

Can you tell me what is a typical presentation of a biofilm infection after injectable filler?

Please can you tell me what is a typical presentation of a biofilm infection after injectable filler ? How soon after the filler does it come ? Are... READ MORE

Risk of Infection, High Rate of Absorption with HA Fillers and Whether or Not to Use Fat Transfer Instead?

I was told by my doctor in Australia that there is quite a high risk of infection with the artificial fillers for marionette lines, can one use fat... READ MORE

I Recently Had Filler, Two Weeks Later Open Wound at Injection Site, What Should I Do?

I had filler injected on my smile lines and two weeks later what started as a red lump turned into an open wound, it won't go away...suggestions? READ MORE

Are Fillers Safe? I Found This on a Prominent Surgeons Web Site.

Prominent surgeon states that a new set of problems has appeared for many of his patients with..He states many of these patients have devastating... READ MORE

Do I have an infection caused by filler in my face?

Hi, i had 10ml of hyaluronic acid injected into my cheeks 6 months ago and i keep getting reocurrent swelling on my face for 3 months now i.e the... READ MORE

Could an infection from dermal fillers (sculptra and juvederm) trigger a breast implant complication?

Since I've had a filler complication I've also had issues with my 5 year old implants-they burn and hurt! I'm also experiencing joint pain. Could the... READ MORE

Can derma filler cause an infection if I have Staphylococcus aureus?

Four years ago I have a breast lift procedure and my breast didn't want to heal for a year. It's was horrible experience and I was diagnosed with... READ MORE

Over time and repeated procedures, what is the risk of nodules forming or a biofilm infection with fillers in the tear trough?

I have read accounts where patients have had less than desirable results and complications from fillers–even with experienced and qualified doctors. S... READ MORE

Are fillers safe after a biofilm infection caused by hyaluronic acid injection in the cheeks?

Dear Doctors I have had a bad infection after HA injection into my cheeks (Teosyal). I still am on AB for 4 more weeks and improving. I have had... READ MORE

Permanent filler removal & post removal. What's the best option for adjusting the shape?

Have a permanent filler for 6 years by now. did aspiration for Rt cheek after 2 mo of removal got infection that turned into abcess. year later got... READ MORE

Could Amazing Gel(polyacrylamide) injection in my chin and nose be removed? (photos)

I am 31 years old and about 7 years ago in Beijing I was tricked into injecting Amazing Gel into my chin and nose. Not a huge amount. Went fine for 7... READ MORE

I have had artecoll injections. Can i now get juvederm or is there a chance of infection?

I had artecoll injections that turned out terrible . I now want to go see a different doctor to get a non permanent dermal filler to correct the mess... READ MORE

At least if I risk infection my insurance will cover it?

Insurance don't cover for fillers. But they will cover for an infection. READ MORE

Injected With Biopolymers in Buttocks and Lower Back and Have a Lot of Pain. What Can I Do?

Hello my problem is that injected me with biopolymers nesesito buttocks help to remove them from my lower back and buttocks in this moment I have a... READ MORE

Possible to Have a Juvederm/restylane Filler Infection?

Hi, I would like to know is it possible to have a infection to dermal filler juvederm voluma or restylane months after treatment? As I had my left... READ MORE

Bruising, Infection and Crepey Skin After Tear Trough Areas Were Filled 4 Months Ago. Is It Permanent?

6mths ago had T/trough area filled, had major swelling and bruising lasting 4mths, then an infection set in. Some days after were good others bad with... READ MORE

Do I have an infection post filler and what is the reason for this? (photos)

I seem to have got a really inflamed t zone on my left side since getting tear trough filler. I have gone to the doctors who has given me oral... READ MORE

Humira and other health conditions.

Hello.Ive taken a bit of a bashing over the past few years *(vasculitis on my scalp) then 14 months ago I had a severe infection under my bridge... READ MORE

Will cosmetic fillers affect an Infection in my knee joint?

I have an infection in an artificial knee joint. Will cosmetic fillers affect this? READ MORE

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