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A Dent Appeared on Buttock Following Cortisone Shot- What Are The Options?

46 Yr. Old Female Had Cortizone Shot in Hip for Bersitus. 4 Mo. Later an indentation appeared in buttocks and keeps getting bigger. It was her... READ MORE

Where is the best area to place fillers in the face for the most optimal result? (Photo)

So in general where does the face age first? Undereyes? Cheeks? Jowels? And what area is the best area to place fillers and see the max result for the... READ MORE

Filler for Indentation from Scar Injection?

Hello. I had fat removed from my legs. The two holes under the buttocks resulted in some thick scars that I had later had injected with something... READ MORE

I See a Indentation Line by Scalp Across my Forehead It's Not a Wrinkle Can You Fill It

When I press on my forehead I can feel like a indentation it starts below my scalp across to past middle forehead? It's not a wrinkle Can this be... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old with jowls. Would fillers help? (photos)

I'm only 20 years old but appear to have "jowels" on my jawline. I know it's probably just my bone structure because I've had them for as long as I... READ MORE

What causes this weird indent on sides of face? (photos)

I have a hollow indent on sides of face coming into corners of mouth. I feel it gives me a slightly masculine and aggressive look. How can I minimize... READ MORE

Are Dermal Fillers a Good Option for Filling Lipo Indentions on Stomach?

I have a few liposuction indentions on my stomach. They are not severe, but noticeable. I was curious if dermal fillers would be a good option for a... READ MORE

Indentation in forehead. (photo)

I didn't have this indentation until I was 16 . It is in between my eyebrows. What is it nd how do I get rid of it? READ MORE

If I have an indentation on the bottom of my lip, will a hyaluronic acid pill or any injectable filler make that disappear?

I have an indentation in the middle of my bottom lip (much like Angelina Jolie does). I'm more interested to know if intaking hyaluronic acid through... READ MORE

Can Indent from Brain Surgery Be Filled?

I had brain surgery years ago and it left me with a dent about the size of a dime about 1/2 and inch above the outer side of my right eye. Can fillers... READ MORE

Will a filler correct the small indentation on my supra alar? (photos)

I had a septo/rhinoplasty 9 months ago. Even though most of the swelling is gone I still have some tip swelling, still feels a bit stiff. Could... READ MORE

Would fillers help my under eye bags? If so, which ones? (photos)

I have puffiness under my eyes which causes dark circles/ huge indentions in the tear trough area. Would I be a good candidate for fillers? Would this... READ MORE

Is there a permanent filler to fill a dimple-like indention under the tip of my nose? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty to raise my columella, I felt it hung to low and my nose still appeared to look long. My doctor said he had to reinforce... READ MORE

Can I get dermafillers in my hip? (photo)

Hi I have an indent in the side of my hips and I want to know if I can get dermal fillers to fill in the indentation. i want it more rounded READ MORE

I had two rounds of Vitrase to correct Juvederm XC. Now I have severe indentations that I did not have pre-injection. (photos)

Thanks everyone for the earlier answers. About a month ago I was injected with voluma and what I thought was restalyne. Both were supposed to go in... READ MORE

Is There a Filler Which Promotes Cells to Grow Back?

Whether it's a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent. Filler which encourage my own cells to grow back for small shallow indentation defect under my... READ MORE

What is the best way to fill in my brow indentation? (photos)

I want to know what would be best to fill this very obvious indentation above my right brow. All replies are appreciated! READ MORE

I had a cyst injection and a week later it indented. Should I wait for it to heal or use fillers? (Photo)

My injection was March 31st and it looked great, but a week later in started to indent. Should I wait to see if it will heal on its own or would a... READ MORE

Will filler fix my inverted deformity, or make my nose look too wide for my face? (photos)

After going to multiple consults for revision, I am exploring less invasive options as I am terrified of a long surgery and recovery and possible... READ MORE

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