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What is the Best Solution for Marionette Lines Caused by Too Heavy Cheeks and Weak Chin?

I am 24 year old actress and I have beginning marionette lines caused by chubby lower cheeks. I think my "cheekbone" area is projecting less... READ MORE

Heavy Nasolabial Lines

I am a 40 year old very lean male with heavy nasolabial lines.Just last year I tried juvaderm and later radiesse which both plumped up the skin a bit.... READ MORE

How do you get rid of Jowls? (Photo)

I am beginning to get slight jowls. My face was a perfect heart, now it looks round/square. My face also looks more bottom heavy. Is there anything I... READ MORE

Thin 32 y/o female heavy lower eye bagging and crepey skin only when smiling & loss of volume in cheeks & mid-face. (photo)

I'm 32, was an overweight preteen/teen, lost that weight and am genetically predisposed to low facial fat and flat cheekbones (below eyes). I have... READ MORE

Can filler help help a "dropping" face? (photos)

I have been getting injectables but I feel like it's worsening around my mouth and my face feels heavier and more drawn down with the filler in that... READ MORE

I had derma fillers put into cheeks an lips, and having a lot of pain. Any suggestions? (photos)

And I have a lot of soreness, I could barely sleep at night, my cheeks feel lumpy an heavy, and lips are bruised, is this normal ? Should it start to... READ MORE

How to fix heavy nasolabial folds on a young woman? (Photo)

I am a 25 year old thin woman with heavy folds around my mouth. My face has always been this way do to the bone/fat structure. Most of the fat is... READ MORE

29 year old nasolabial lines and eye bags. Non surgical solution? (photo)

I'm 29. Lots of stress, little sleep and have always had heavy cheeks. I realised recently that I look several years older. I would like to accentuate... READ MORE

Fake doctor injected me. It's been a month. I started working out at gym, now my smiling lines feel so heavy and uncomfortable.

I was injected with Stuff such as smiling lines with Pluryal after my injector got arrested by police as a fake doctor , i'm so afraid please... READ MORE

How to fix the appearance of my lips and checks?

I had juviderm injected to nasolabial folds about a year ago. Im not sure if that is the reason, but now its very noticeable that corners of my mouth... READ MORE

How long for Cross linked HA filler to naturally dissolve?

I was injected with a cross linked HA filler called hydralix luminere in the cheeks. My face is constantly in pain and feels heavy, my doctor said the... READ MORE

Could I Go Blind from my Tear Trough Injection? Eyes Feel Heavy Slighty Etc

Hello, I'm young and in my twenties. I've long had puffy under eye circles as it runs in my family. after consulting with three surgeons about it they... READ MORE

Luminera filler to cheeks, will it dissolve with hyaluronidase?

Hi, can you tell me is luminera to the cheeks dissolveable with hylauronadaise?my doc said it could last 14 months. I hate the results as I feel it is... READ MORE

Can heavy lifting affect the effectiveness of a kenalog injection?

I had a kenalog injection recently for a chalazion and the doctor told me to avoid heavy lifting for about 2 days. But can heavy lifting affect the... READ MORE

I had chin/jaw fillers, can bits be dissolved to reshape or will it dissolve all of the filler? (photos)

I had s very weak chin and jaw line. I had chin filler to fix my double chin and jaw filler to define my jawline and give it more angle. Afterward my... READ MORE

Will a filler help me? (photos)

Will a filler help me with these lines? They are getting worse and my face feels so droopy and heavy. Help! READ MORE

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