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What is a Normal Time Frame for Pillows to Resolve After Juvederm/radiesse Injections Under Eyes?

I'm 1 week post juvederm and radiesse injections under eyes by a plastic surgeon. I had excessive bruising and had V beam laser 1 and 2 days after... READ MORE

Do I need to take my lip piercing out before I get lip fillers? (photos)

I'm booked in to get lip injections on 9th June. I'm getting 1ml. I have a vertical labret piercing which goes directly through my bottom lip. I know... READ MORE

What is the best filler for chicken pox scars in temple area? (photos)

The scars happened over 20 years ago and most of the scars were left in the temple area and ancouple around the face. I'm looking for a good filler... READ MORE

Length of time for bruising to heal?

I am maid of honour at my best friends wedding 20th June,is it too late to have fillers one week before?and how long does bruising take to fade enough... READ MORE

Need opinion if either is necessary: dermal filler or blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I've recently had insomnia/sleep deprivention for the first time in my life due to stress from several issues for about a month. In this month I... READ MORE

Would filler work well on a very mildly recessed chin and jowls? (photos)

I'm only 20 and recently my facial skin has dropped, leaving me with jowls and an emphasis on my slightly off chin. I already know with my luck that a... READ MORE

Fillers for under eye. Risk of bruising and time to heal if it occurs. I am a 33 year old Caucasian healthy male.

I am wanting to get fillers for under eye bags. I am wondering what is the risk of bruising? What is the healing time for a bruise as I am thinking... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait For Under Eye Bruising To Resolve Before Seeking A Second Opinion?

I received under eye filler about 21 days ago and there is still (well, what appears to be) a bruise under my left eye where the needle went through.... READ MORE

Can I use a Reparil Gel N after having fillers and getting bruised on the chin area? (photos)

Before 4 days i have got my chin done with fillers , and my doctor told me that it will bruise she dint recommend any creams she just told me its... READ MORE

I had 2 PMMA nodules excised. Is the wound healing normally? (Photo)

1 excision healed perfectly. This one (in the pic) was very bruised, and it still has a dark red line above the main incision that has hardly faded. I... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Filler to Upper eyelids vs Orbital Fat Graph? (photos)

If I had filler placed in A-frame upper eyelids would my upper eyelid still sink into the sulcus? Or do I need Orbital fat graph? Will the upper... READ MORE

Granuloma after 3 months resyline.

I got lip injections 3 months ago, i went back to my injector after some swelling and dryness occurred he said everthing was normal he doesnt see... READ MORE

My lips are very swollen & bruised after lip injection. How long does this last?

I had lip injections yesterday at 3:30pm. It is now 12:20pm the following day. I'm quite duck billed at the moment and it's a little concerning. What... READ MORE

I had undereye fillers done a week ago, but im not sure if these marks are bruises or caused by the Tyndall effect? (photo)

I feel like if it is a bruise, it isnt healing fast. Im afraid this will be permanent. Please help! I know its only been a week but im not sure if im... READ MORE

Have you seen this type of bruising before? (Photo)

I had under eye filler 1st week of Feb and it is still yellow. Is this still healing? The picture to the right was 7 days ago and the one to the left... READ MORE

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