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Hardness and Itchy Lumps in Cheek After Voluma- Normal?

I had voluma in cheeks 3 weeks ago. Right cheek was great with no probs but the left cheek immediately developed moderate swelling, hardness and 2... READ MORE

2x hard lumps after lip filler (Juvederm Volift) (Photo)

3 days P/O after Volift. During my Dr said I had a hematoma I remember blood running &him grabbing the area and pressing firmly, I asked him what... READ MORE

What is the lip filler known as "dermaren" and what can be used to dissolve or soften it? (photos)

I got lip injections done unprofessionally and they were great until I got way too much. I should've known better I know. It's been 8 months now and... READ MORE

Volbella or Silk for undereye hollow (medial and lateral)?

I would like a SOFT filler that WON'T MIGRATE and can be DISSOLVED EASILY with hyaluronidase. It DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LONG-LASTING as I believe fillers... READ MORE

Lumps from tear trough filler (Emerval). Any suggestions? (photos)

I had tear trough filler by a licensed dermatologist 3 days ago. She used emerval classic. There are hard lumps under my eyes. Is this a normal? Will... READ MORE

First time filler in lips, Morning swelling, and stiffness a week after third touch up, do I need the filler removed? (Photos)

First touch up 10 days post. I was uneven, so I went back 14 days after. 1 week later woke up swollen. I took an allergy pill and it went down... READ MORE

I have a hard lower Lip lumps months after filler. Is this normal or is body rejecting?

Had a common filler used in upper and lower lips. Loved the results however months later my lower lip developed hard lumps. Felt like a cold sore... READ MORE

Injected hyaluronic acid serum in cheeks; been 3 days & I have 2 hard lumps. Can they be removed or are they permanent? (Photos)

I injected hyaluronic acid serum in my cheeks it's been 3 days and I have to hard lumps and my face is swollen I've taken antibiotics, and massaged my... READ MORE

Swelling, more wrinkles, and hardness after fillers for under eyes and nasolabial fold (photo)

I am 30 yrs old and I got fillers injected under my eyes and nasolabial fold 3 days ago and I look horrible. I have bruising, and the filler is HARD... READ MORE

Why has my lip filler doubled in size on one side of my lips when I have had it done over 6 months? (Photo)

Could you help me please I have had my lips done over 6 months ago and I woke up today to one side doh me in size and the filler is really hard and... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove the scar, smooth out the lump and possibly get lip fillers? (photo)

Labret piercing in my upper lip. It became infected a few months ago and although it is healed now there is a small hard bump a little above the... READ MORE

I have an uneven and hard bumpy top lip after lip filler. Did the procedure go wrong? (Photo)

I got my top lip filled 2 weeks ago , one side has a dent and very uneven compared to the other side. The opposite side of the dent is hard and feels... READ MORE

Possible muscle damage after lip fillers? (photo)

Underneath my bottom lip I have a vertically puffy hard line from the bottom of my lower lip to the middle of my chin. I think it's the mentails... READ MORE

Neauvia in lips - How long until my body starts to absorb it?

Hi guys! I just did my lips with Neauvia organic, and I would like to know how long it take till mg body start to absorb the product, also, is my 3... READ MORE

How long after my 1st lip injections can I get more? Is it normal to have hard lumps in my lips 1 week post injections? (Photo)

I had 1ml if filler injected 1wk ago and I still have hard lumpy areas in my lips. Also, now that the swelling has gone down, some areas of my lip are... READ MORE

Will fillers calm down? (Photos)

I had cheek fillers along my cheek bone yesterday,however I feel like they have made my cheek bone proteins somewhat-it does feel hard and swollen and... READ MORE

Filler placement under eye: Is it supposed to go under the orbital muscle?

I had filler put under my eye and it appears that some has been injected under that muscle around the eye (but injected under the eye). I was told by... READ MORE

I had a Princess Filler Treatment 4 days ago, What can I do to proceed the healing? (photos)

I had my Princess filler treatment 4 weeks ago. I had to come back to my doctor to have some correction done. He injected in one side of the lip to... READ MORE

Emervel Deep in lips?

I've had lip fillers 3 times before (restalyn) and never had any issues. This time I went to a new doctor, she used a product Emervel Deep. She... READ MORE

Hardness and Bulge in Cheek 6 Months After Voluma?

I had voluma in cheeks 6 months ago. One cheek immediately reacted for approx 6 weeks - pain, slight swelling, hardness, in part of that cheek. At 6... READ MORE

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