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How to Correct my Deep Labiomental Groove

Hi. In 5 years I've had two fat injections and finally one time skin-fascia graft for my depp groove. Skin-fascia graft seems to work just a... READ MORE

Options for indents under eyes? (photos)

I've done a bit of research and I think they are midface grooves but I'm not so sure. They really embarrass me and get worse when I get less sleep -... READ MORE

What do you recommend for deep under eye lines? Age 24.

Hi! I have question concerning my eyes. I have always had this deep grove beneath both of my eyes, especially when I smile. I am 24. I know I am... READ MORE

Slight groove under my eye. Is there anything I can do to lessen the appearance? (Photo)

I am a 27-year-old female and within the last 6-7 months I have developed the slight crease line under both of my eyes. I am wondering if it's simply... READ MORE

Best product for grooves in cheek? (photo)

Can you tell me the best course of treatment for these grooves that are appearing in the upper cheek area and what products would be best. I had... READ MORE

How to Fill in Forehead Vein Grooves? (photos)

I have quite think skin and very little under skin fat on my forehead. In the last couple of years the veins have become quite visibible in the... READ MORE

What causes these grooves under my eyes?

I had 1ml of filler applied to my tear trough 11 weeks ago, & since then I have noticed these semi-circular hollows under my eyes. They begin at... READ MORE

Lines/grooves under eyes. What is going on here? (Photos)

I have always had slight creases under eyes. Lately they have rapidly been increasing and multiplying into multiple and have a pink irritated and... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for deep marionette lines on a youngish patient? Age 31

The jawline isn't too loose, just a deep groove/pulling at the side of mouth downwards towards the chin, worse on one side that the other. Very harsh... READ MORE

I just turned 30 and very upset about the corner lines at the sides of my mouth. (Photo)

How can I fix these grooves at the corner of my mouth? I am 30 years old, this has only really happened in the last year... I'm very distressed over... READ MORE

Can the the groove beside my eye and cheekbone be filled with a dermal filler? (Photo)

The groove is still on bone. Although I'm not an injecter, I would assume the injections would have to be placed before the groove so this would... READ MORE

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