Granuloma + Injectable Fillers

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Risk of Granulomas with Fillers?

I was planning to get fillers (restylane or juvederm) for my nose to mouth lines (administered by a fully qualified plastic surgeon). But I'm... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Removing Permanent Lip Filler Lumps and Granulomas?

I'm not sure which is in my lips but I would like to have it removed. My doctor offered to freeze it and cut in and look to see if he can remove it. ... READ MORE

I Had a Permanent Filler Placed in my Chin, on Both Sides And Now Have Granuloma. How To Remove?

This was to correct a badly placed chin implant. Now I have granuloma formation under my chin. Can this be removed? READ MORE

Fat loss from steroid injection?

Hello! I am receiving steroid injections for a possible granuloma following filler (ie, dexamethasone, then kenalog if that doesn't work). My surgeon... READ MORE

Is this a granuloma (from filler)? Or something else? (photos)

Over the previous 18 months, I've had various filler treatments to the corner of the cheeks to help 'lift' the face. Unfortunately over the past four... READ MORE

Granuloma from nose fillers? (Photo)

Ive develop granuloma on my nose due to permanent nose fillers. Yea i know it was a bad decision. Underwent two nose surgery to remove it and... READ MORE

Do HA granulomas go away on their own?

Hello, 2 months ago I got a filler injected in my lips that is called "Uma Jeunesse Ultra". Now I have 3 granulomas in my lips that are pretty hard.... READ MORE

Long term side affects with facial fillers?

What are the side affects of facial fillers in the long run? I've gotten facial filler on my face 3 times on upper cheek(just a little) and NL.... READ MORE

PMMA Injections 6 Yrs Ago Caused Granulomas in Forehead? (photo)

Have developed granulomas in forehead 6 yrs after PMMA injections - how can I get rid of BAD lumps? They only appeared a year ago and vary greatly in... READ MORE

Granuloma Removal After Dermalive in Lips?

Hi, I have a granuloma in the ridge of my upper lip caused from Dermalive. I have had steroid injections and an attempt of removal twice with a little... READ MORE

Research to Find Effective Treatment for Foreign Body Granuloma from Permanent Filler?

I had a unknown permanent filler injected in my lips 11 years ago. 4 years ago I developed foreign body granuloma. I have read that biofilms... READ MORE

Is Allopurinol Effective for Foreign Body Granuloma Due to Filler?

I have foreign body granuloma in my cheek due to cosmetic filler, is Allopurinol effective comparing to triamcinolone injection? READ MORE

Removal of permanent filler (bio plastique) in upper cheek area? (Photo)

Several years ago I had pmma filler in my cheeks. It was overfilled at my last of several sessions. I had Kenalog and 5fu to the area to slow any... READ MORE

Granuloma from filler hyaluronic acid. Any suggestions?

I developed a granuloma on my cheek september last year 2015 from hylaluronic acid .then the filler was dissolved twice with hyalurondise then started... READ MORE

Filler was injected in my eyebrows and in nasal folds now getting huge granulomas?

Now a few years later have hard large lumpy area that are painful, eyes are always red, getting many large cysts close to injection site, having... READ MORE

Is it a granuloma again? Previously had massive granuloma on cheek from filler. (Photos)

Hi drs I had a massive granuloma on cheek from filler ! I had it treated with 3 steroid injections which made it reduce but then got severe ayropy... READ MORE

Uma Jeunesse (monophasic cross linked filler) put in my nose/mouth lines 27mths ago which has left granulomas and scar tissue.

Will these granulomas ever dissolve and how long will it take? Also, I have puffy soft patches which I am not sure if it is scar tissue or remaining... READ MORE

Granuloma from fat injection. (photo)

I had a fat injection for steroid injection atropy in April now I have developed a lot of swelling and soreness my ps said its normal but from reading... READ MORE

What treatements are available for granulomas in the lips? Will it cause future complications?

I had princess filler inject in my lips n NL 2 years ago. Now 2 years later I have 2 lumps that wont go away, whereas as rest of the filler is gone. I... READ MORE

Granuloma after 3 months resyline.

I got lip injections 3 months ago, i went back to my injector after some swelling and dryness occurred he said everthing was normal he doesnt see... READ MORE

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