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Drooping Corners Of Mouth Make Me Look Unhappy, What Can I Do?

Drooping corners of mouth make me look unhappy . My 14 yr old asks why I'm always frowning.  Fillers help only modestly if at all, what can I do? READ MORE

How can I get my youthful appearance back? My face seems to sag already at the age of 28 (Photo)

How can I get rid of the sagging appearance in my face and deep lines by my mouth? It's seems as if I'm frowning constantly. It's seems as if I'm... READ MORE

Need my frown turned upside down! What's the best treatment? (Photo)

Hi. I am 34 years old and have quite a frowny mouth besides it making me look mad it makes me look older. I use Juvaderm every 6 months so fillers... READ MORE

I'm turning 28 soon, is there a way to stop my mouth from frowning? (Photo)

I don't have any frown lines on my face, or around my mouth, but when my face is totally relaxed, I'm told I look "miserable" or "upset" all the time.... READ MORE

Any suggestions for resting face/ frown problem? (photos)

I've had this frown for all my life. What seems to be causing the problem here and how would it be fixed? Is it the lips or the muscles around it, or... READ MORE

What would you do for this side profile and frowning front view? (photos)

Please take a look at my super unattractive side profile and please tell me some options. I know liposuction is OBVIOUS but what else? I need to know... READ MORE

What can be done for a lifelong permafrown? (photos)

I've had a permafrown (permanent frown) my whole life (32 years), the corners of my mouth remain down-turned at all times, even when smiling (see... READ MORE

My forehead creases like I've been in a knife fight when I smile, what can be done?

Only when I smile or frown ... I look like I'm in my late teens instead of in my 30's if I get winkles gone and strict diet myself XD Is there a cream... READ MORE

What would be the best solutions to consider for frown dents?

I have slight dents at the inner sides of both eyebrows where frown lines usually form. They are not wrinkles on the skin though- they are deeper and... READ MORE

Dimple above eyebrow?? (photos)

I have had dimples above my eyebrows that have progressed for a couple of years. They are on both sides and are there when I frown or smile. I was... READ MORE

How to remove an infiltration of HYACORP LIPS in my frown? (photos)

I have injected a specific product for lips in my space between the eyebrowns from trhee years.I think it is a biopolymer. I have outbreaks of severe... READ MORE

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