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Are Injectable Fillers Good For Reducing a Deep Labiomental Fold? (photo)

I want to achieve a flatter chin and profile, or reduce my jutting chin/deep labiomental fold. I do have and overbite that I'm considering... READ MORE

Nasal folds, forehead lines, saggy jowls and TIRED look! What is best? Age 37yrs (Photo)

My Nasal folds, forehead lines, saggy jowls and TIRED look is bothering me.. I am 37yrs, have done botox and fillers many times but need more realstic... READ MORE

Smile folds, my face is starting to look gaunt on the lower half. (photo)

Hi, I'm 29. I don't really have any wrinkles but as I've got older I've become slimmer (underweight but not through choice - genetics) and my face is... READ MORE

Naso Labial Filler and Now I Have a Fold?

I had 2 cc's of fillers placed laterally above my naso labial line ( I had no fold, just a wrinkle) and now I have a fold. What would be the best way... READ MORE

I had 0.5 of hylouric filler in nasal fold. I massaged hard for 1 min intervals 10 times in first day. Have I moved the filler?

I have swollen round lumps at corner of mouth. It looks like a large round hard lump and not swelling Have I moved the filler? What can I do? READ MORE

When Hyaluronic Fillers Dont Work, is there other treatment I can try to "go by" until next year? (photos)

I am a 43 ys women a doctor injected hyaluronic acid all over my face a couple months ago focusing in a fold I have on the left side of my face, which... READ MORE

Is there a filler that will accomplish two goals: fill my tear troughs & provide a lift to cheeks/fold around mouth? (Photo)

Not only do I want to fill my tear trough areas under my eyes, but I was wondering if there is a filler that would also create a little lift to my... READ MORE

I'm here due to being unhappy with my appearance. I feel I need some work done one my nose, lip, and definitely my face! (photo)

A few questions! 1st I had have a bad case of adult acne. 2nd, possibly looking into some facial injections for 2 things: my wrinkles and folds, and... READ MORE

Mid thirties corner of mouth skin fold, what are my options?

I'm 5'4" 135 lbs and I always had a chubby face weighing 115-135 lbs. my question is how I can correct this problem and what are my options? Thanks READ MORE

I noticed a fold and puffiness around on my face. What do I do to get rid of it? (Photo)

I don't know if it's a naso labial fold on my face but the line and puffiness is making me uncomfortable and it's becoming more prominent . What do I... READ MORE

Can smile line wrinkles be corrected with dermal filler? (photo)

I'm only 23 and I have wrinkles in my smile lines. They stay here when my face is completely relaxed. I got some filler in my smile folds 2 weeks ago... READ MORE

Why is it that 5 plastic surgeons cannot fix this? They fill me up with fillers but can't fix my problem? (Photo)

Been to five plastic surgeons and they fill me up with fillers and spending money I honestly don't have in means to hopefully fix this problem. Why is... READ MORE

How do I get rid of theses neck lines/folds? (Photo)

These lines have come about recently. I no longer exercise that regularly & am generally more unhealthy. I also have eczema. Is there a natural way to... READ MORE

Do you think I need fillers? (Photo)

Corner of my mouth un even wrinkle, folds, fat and under eyes bags and wrinkles, I would like your suggestion.I prefer longer lasting fillers like... READ MORE

Weight loss at 45: Best solutions for lifting my smile and fixing the folds? (photo)

I'm 45 years old and recently lost weight. The folds around my mouth have been increasing over the past few years, but have gone gang busters in the... READ MORE

Should I go for fillers? Or what would be a good option for my concern? (Phtoo)

Hi i would like some help on choosing a traetment for this furrow or folds i have under my eyes or on my cheeks i been having them since i was born... READ MORE

Can Chin Folds be Filled?

I Am 50 and Do Not Want or Need a Face or Neck Lift. I Have Small Folds Under my Chin, Can I Get Them Filled As They Are Small? READ MORE

Extra folds on philtrum? Caused by marionette lines/ nasolabial folds? How do I fix this? (photos)

Hi. I have been searching the type of surgery I would need to get rid of the two lumps I have on my philtrum next to my nasalabial folds. I have been... READ MORE

What kind of filler is used around the mouth and chin?

I have folds around my mouth and I have lost volume in that area as well..... what filler is best for that that has a natural and long lasting effect.... READ MORE

What filler would be best for my deep labiomental fold? (After Genioplasty). (photo)

I had a genioplasty 3 months ago and it gave me a deep labiomental fold. I do not want anything permanent until after I get braces which I am hoping... READ MORE

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