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Was this look achieved through injectable fillers alone, or were there likely other cosmetic procedures involved? (Photo)

This is a before/after of a celebrity. What procedures did she likely have to raise the eyebrows (I realized they appear thicker due to makeup... READ MORE

Could I have a beautiful mouth with a bit of filler or fat and an upper lip lift? (Photo)

I would like an upper lip lift but am concerned about the scar. My other concern is that I have a narrow mouth. Could my mouth be made to look more... READ MORE

How to make my face softer and more feminine? (Photo)

I have been told a lot that I have quite a masculine face. I'm really unhappy with my features but unsure how to proceed to make them appear softer... READ MORE

I'm a 31 yr women. Looking for filler solution to premature aging. My face appears longer and much less feminine. (photo)

Looking for a solution with filler but am somewhat unaware of what the cause and the solutions are for the problem. Face seems much longer and less... READ MORE

Chin filler to feminine, would like a more square chin. Is this possible with additional fillers? (photos)

Dear sir/madam, 2 days ago I had chin fillers. I think my profile has improved, but, from the front, I think it has made my face look more oval, more... READ MORE

What could I do to make my lower part of face look more feminine? (photos)

I diss like the bottom of my face especially when I smile i have deep lines and my nose gets bigger when I smile any Solutions !? READ MORE

Where exactly do I need to put more filler to get the "best bang for my buck" and to look more balanced and feminine? (Photos)

I recently had one syringe of Restalyne Lift put in my tear troughs and one syringe of Restalyne Life put in my mid cheek. I still AM NOT happy with... READ MORE

What can I do to my face to look and feel prettier? (photos)

I am very unhappy with my appearance. My face doesn't look feminin to me, I really want to get fillers so I look prettier. My right side of my face... READ MORE

What surgeries do I need to make my face more feminine? (photos)

Im 21 and unhappy with my face. I know i want a chin implant but im not sure what else. Maybe cheek and lip fillers. Please let me know what i can get... READ MORE

Can filler be used to make my forehead my round and feminine? (Photo)

Hi! I wanted to know if filler can be used safely to make forehead more round and feminine. I have a groove in mine that I feel makes it look... READ MORE

How can I make my face look more young, feminine? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old and feel like I'm starting to look "rougher". i thought it was my thin lips and have gotten them injected twice with juvederm... READ MORE

Which filler is best for a SHARP ANGULAR look on cheekbones with a "lift"?

I do not want the soft, fuller feminine look. I want ANGULAR and SHARP with the most lift. is radiesse the best for this? I have heard that volume,... READ MORE

What fillers, or procedure can I get to create a more feminine attractive face? (photos)

What's the longest lasting filler for chin, cheeks, nasbiold folds? I have issues with temple hollowing. I think my face looks a bit harsh, the right... READ MORE

Symmetry and overall attractiveness? (Photo)

What type of overall cosmetic procedure/s (surgery, fillers, etc) would be recommended to achieve a more feminine, balanced, attractive face? READ MORE

Enhancing/softening my look. (photo)

Hi, I am not unhappy with my face really but am looking to enhance my look and was wondering what you would recommend? I'm thinking maybe lip fillers?... READ MORE

How to reduce excess facial/cheek volume for a more pleasant, feminine appearance? 22/Female/Mixed-race (Photo)

Hello, I am a 22/F, of South East Asian and Middle Eastern ethnicity. The extreme difference in my ethnic background was not very kind to my facial... READ MORE

What would the surgeon need to do with the dermal filler? I'd like it straighter from the side, maybe more feminine (Photo)

I have a dorsal hump and wanted to know how the appearence could be altered, I had treatment for a deviated septum & it sunk slightly in the middle.... READ MORE

Will Dermal Fillers Help to Make my Face Appear More Feminine?

Im in my early 20's but ive always been self concious of my harsh facial features. I've been thinking about getting surgery for awhile in order to... READ MORE

What Subtle Procedures Would Be Best to Help Make my Face More Feminine?

I am interested in having some procedures done to make my face more feminine but im unsure what procedures would be best. Thanks READ MORE

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