Fat Injection + Injectable Fillers

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Can You Administer Dermal Filler While Getting Surgery?

If i get a browlift and a facelift and want restylane instead of fat transfer, is this possible during surgery? How about botox as well? READ MORE

Injectable Fillers After fat Transfer

I have had a fat transfer on my cheeks 14 years ago. I was interested in having the sculptra filler to firm up my face. However, the plastic surgeon i... READ MORE

Will Fat Injections Make Me Look a Lot Different? (photo)

Okay so I have a noticeable amount of midface volume lost. However, this is only apparent in certain lighting. Half the time I like the way I look and... READ MORE

I'm still unclear about fillers vs fat injections (Photo)

I have NO facial fated after ultherapy. Fillers are expensive. I'd love to have ny natural fat back so it would be me again. My forhead needs a ton as... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Facial Fat Injections vs Filler vs Botox? (photos)

Which is the best for filling in lines and carving out features. READ MORE

Should you inject fat or fillers on depressions on the side of the nose due to Ultherapy fat loss?

Another botched ulthera parient. Yay! My nose Looks gargantuan after severe ultherapy fat loss. I've noticed the sides of ny nose is empty and... READ MORE

Is filler injection into hollow temples with HA products, safer than fat injection, a long lasting material?

Which product, fat or HA products are more safely injected into temple hollows, without vascular occlusions, causing blindness and or stroke READ MORE

Is it possible to have filler / fat injection for a jaw augmentation after Jaw implant surgery?

Hello 2 years ago, i had a jaw augmentaion with implants. Unfortunetly, i would like to have a more bigger jaw (square). I have 2 choices: - I remove... READ MORE

Would blindness from filler/fat injection affect both eyes or just one?

I understand statistically the odds of injecting into an artery and causing blindness is very very low. However I am still fairly anxious that this is... READ MORE

Will filler or fat injections under knee caps stay there, or fall down?

I want filler directly below my kneecaps. Only within 1cm below my kneecaps though. I have knobbly knees that portrude in comparison to the rest of my... READ MORE

Is it a granuloma again? Previously had massive granuloma on cheek from filler. (Photos)

Hi drs I had a massive granuloma on cheek from filler ! I had it treated with 3 steroid injections which made it reduce but then got severe ayropy... READ MORE

Granuloma from fat injection. (photo)

I had a fat injection for steroid injection atropy in April now I have developed a lot of swelling and soreness my ps said its normal but from reading... READ MORE

Filler for mole removal scars on face? (photos)

10 years ago I had two large moles removed on my face. The incisions looked good for a long time and were flat but with age the scars have started to... READ MORE

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