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2 months post op cortisone injection, I have fat atrophy. Is this normal?

I had a cortisone injection for a minor blemish about 2 months ago, and the skin began to atrophy. I then went and saw my dermatologist and he put a... READ MORE

Fillers or Fat Injections for Upper Cheek Fat Loss?

I'm in my mid twenties, and I've lost some fat in my upper cheeks. Are fillers or fat injections the best option to replace volume in this area in... READ MORE

Which Filler Offers the Most Facial Volume?

Comparing milliliter for milliliter of volume achieved/treatment, which filler, including the use of fat, offers the greatest amount of volume for the... READ MORE

I heard there are injections that can reduce facial fat (for neck and cheeks), what are they called and is it a good treatment?

I always did not have a perfect jawline, and I lost and gained little weight a lot. Nothing very significant though. My bmi is normal but my neck... READ MORE

Which Between Filler or Fat is Injected Deeper for Marionette Lines?

Which between fillers (like Restylane) or fat are injected more deeply into and around marionette lines and folds? Thank you. READ MORE

What's the Softest Filler Available?

I've had Juvederm and didn't care for the texture. It looked a bit too "firm" underneath my skin, and not very natural. I know fat is the... READ MORE

I want to get rid of fat/skin hanging under my chin.

Don't know if this is a turkey neck but I want to get rid of the fat + skin under my chin. I wouldn't do a facelift but something to take care of this... READ MORE

Why can't I find a doctor that will do saline injections for fat atrophy?

I have fat atrophy from kenalog 40 injections under my jawline on both sides of my chin. It was too strong mg for my skin type. I have read several... READ MORE

Fat/Filler injections to clavicle/upper chest/neck area?

I am only 29 years old but due to an almost decade long eating disorder, the upper part of my chest has completely thinned out and there is no fat... READ MORE

Why a Blepharoplasty Did Not Remove my Malar Bags? (photo)

I had injections of hyaluronic acid under eyes and I end up with eyes bags . .I was advice lower lid surgery ,with did removea a bit of fat just below... READ MORE

I want a v- shape lower face. My bones are okay but the fat over them. I used to have a vshape. What can be done?

Can fillers be done to reshape face? Make it more v and angular? Any samples here? Thank u READ MORE

I'm also wondering if the Doctors viewing these pictures can noticeably see what the problems are? (photos)

Bulging fat on either side of mouth when smiling, why do my cheeks not crease naturally along the nasal labia folds and corners of my mouth when I... READ MORE

Skin graft or fat fillers to hide my sacral dimple for a more aesthetically pleasing look? (photos)

I was born with a sacral dimple and a birth mark on the bottom of my back and just above the crease of my bottom. I have had no physical problems... READ MORE

Long term side affects with facial fillers?

What are the side affects of facial fillers in the long run? I've gotten facial filler on my face 3 times on upper cheek(just a little) and NL.... READ MORE

Fillers, Cheek implants, or Buccal fat removal? (photos)

Hello! I have a long, oval face & I want my face to be more "structured". I want my cheeks to be more prominent, bt I'm not 4 sure which route I... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend for fat under my mouth (chin) ? (photos)

Fat Fat under mouth. ( see pic) They are more apparent when my mouth is closed at rest. I hate them. I want my chin to be smooth. I am 32 years old.... READ MORE

How can I plump a "deep" philtrum? Will filler work?

My philtrum is too deep like that dip of the philtrum makes me look very odd in that area, like a monkey almost? can it be fixed with filler? Like... READ MORE

Fillers for Wrist, Legs, Ankles and Knees?

I have really tiny wrists. No matter how I much I eat, I can't get the fat to get there. My biceps are fine. Plus, my legs are so tiny from my... READ MORE

Can Fillers Be Used for Forehead Augmentation?

Inasia, forehead augmentation is a fairly common procedure. I've included a picture of what the results are generally like below (I'm Asian, just to... READ MORE

Allofill - is it going to replace fat transfer?

"Allofill is the first product of its kind; a ready to use, 'off the shelf', adipose-derived injectable filler that works with the body to provide an... READ MORE

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