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Best Filler for Eye Wrinkles

I have wrinkles around the eyes and would like to try some filler. Is Juvederm the best one? READ MORE

Treatment for Sunken Areas Around Eyes and Nose?

I have sunken eyes, especially on the inset of my nose. I have had my "tear troughs" filled with Restylane, but I still get asked if I have a black... READ MORE

Filler for Hollow Eyes

I am a 36 year old female who has always suffered from hollow eyes. My hollow under eye area makes me look tired. I tried different creams for dark... READ MORE

Recommended Treatment for Hereditary Puffy Eyes?

The skin under my eyes is always puffy, and I'm wondering what procedure would best remedy it. I am 40, and my father and aunt also have this... READ MORE

Best Filler for Under Eye Hollows and Fine Lines?

I would like reduce fine lines and fill in the hollow appearance under my eyes. READ MORE

Fillers to Make Upper Eyelids Fuller?

Are there any fillers that can recreate upper eyelid fullness? I am in my early 40's, have lost volume in my face, especially around my eyes, making... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change Eye Shape with Injections? (photo)

I have naturally big almond eyes , but I'd love if the inner corner of my eyes was more open just like the model's eye in the attached photo, I was... READ MORE

Treatment for Outer Eye Corner Hollowness?

I have quite pronounced hollowness at the outer corner of my left eye, just below the lash line, with a bulge of fat beneath that goes down to where... READ MORE

Will injectable fillers in my nasolabial fold, chin and jawline will help me achieve a better profile and face shape? (photos)

I think my face is very large and wide from my eyes down and my face is quite uneven. I feel as though my individual features have the potential, but... READ MORE

Always Look Tired with Creases and Wrinkles Under my Eyes

Should I go with a filler? I bought creams, and they don't work. What should I do? READ MORE

What Fillers Are FDA Approved for Use in the Tear Trough / Under Eye Area?

Confused if there are any fillers that are approved by the FDA to treat the under eye / tear trough area, or if it is all off label use? READ MORE

Filler in Eye Area First or Chemical Peel?

I'm thinking of having fillers around the eye area, and I also want to have an under eye chemical peel. My question is: what is the right order to do... READ MORE

Can Dermal Filler in the Temple or High Cheek Bone Lift the Corner of the Eye?

The "waterline" of my eyelid is round instead of almond shaped like it use to be. It is exposing the "white part" under my pupil... READ MORE

Would fillers help lift hooded eyes?

My eyes aren't EXTREMELY hooded but I definitely do have hooded eyes. I want to get fillers for my dark dark circles and I was wondering if it would... READ MORE

Eye filler for inner corner of eye to correct darkness? (Photo)

The inner corner of my eye is really dark and I also have darkness in the surrounding areas. Will a filler help me correct this? Thanks for answering READ MORE

PMMA Overfill in Infraorbital Rim: Will Kenalog Help?

I had PMMA injected into my infraorbital rims & I feel that it is slightly too much, causing me to have "puffy" undereyes. I understand... READ MORE

Subq Cheek Filler Has Migrated Under Eye

Hello There! i had subq cheek in april 2011 3 months later noticed filler has moved under left eye phoned clinic asked to go in doctor said he could... READ MORE

Best Non Surgical Treatment for Around the Eye Hollows?

I've had some docs say that Juvederm is not good. What do you think about Silicone1000? One doc says it's great and stays in place? But I'm worried... READ MORE

Options for Removing PMMA Around Eyes and Upper Cheeks?

I received PMMA fillers around the rims of my eyes and in my upper cheeks about 3 months ago, and the area is too full. I was wondering if Kenalog... READ MORE

More Eye Wrinkles After Fillers?

When you have a filler to plump up the hollows under your eyes and cheeks, can it make eyes look as if they have more wrinkles? Please help. READ MORE

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