Eyelids + Injectable Fillers

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Is It Safe to Inject Hyaluronic Acid in the Upper Eyelid? (photo)

Is It Safe to Inject Hyaluronic Acid in the Upper Eye-lid? Thank You READ MORE

What Can Be Done on Rings Around Eyes and Sunken Lids?

I have rings around my lower eyelids that formed over the last 15 years. I think my lower lids have started to sink into my larger cheeks. Also, the... READ MORE

Would Fillers Affect Future Results of a Facelift or Necklift?

Would a filler like Restylane, placed in the inner, upper eyelid junctionin any way alter the outcome of a future lower facelift and necklift? Thank you READ MORE

Eye lid exposure & hollowing - Fillers in the brow area - Dangerous?

I got severe upper eye lid exposure and hollowing. I saw amazing results with dermal fillers injected into the brow area to cover the upper eyelids a... READ MORE

Fillers or blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I'm 30 and concerned with 1) my eyebrows shifting downwards 2) the big -angry- wrinkle between my eyebrows 3) under eyes bags / circles 4) wrinkle... READ MORE

Mesoestetic filler treatment.

I've recently had mesoestetic filler treatment and after 4 weeks i rubbed my eyelids as they were itchy, and now both eyelids had dropped? Will this stay? READ MORE

Will forehead fillers or fat graft lift the brows and eyelid skin?

I did full face and I lost all of my fat.. My lids droop over the eye now but are tight and shriveled at the same time, so a bleph would not work.(Im... READ MORE

Would dissolving fillers in the upper eyelids cause any damages?

The fillers that were injected in my tear trough migrated to the corners of my upper eyelids and its making my eyes really look weird and puffy! Also... READ MORE

Can fillers fix upper eyelid height assymmetries (crease height and shape)?

S/p aggressive upper blepheroplasty. A lot of fat removed. Left lid appears roundish "fat lid" (2-3 millimeter difference eyeballing it) look compared... READ MORE

Is there any filler that can be injected near to eyelid? Is it a safe? Is also fat grafting another option?

Fillers are very much used for dark circles (tear trough) but how about around the eyelid area? Can fillers be injected there? I had lower Blepho. and... READ MORE

Recommendations for a more youthful appearance? (Photo)

I am looking for advice on procedures to restore a more youthful appearance: upper & lower eyelids, wide lower face/droopy cheeks, and the jawline.... READ MORE

My doctor gave me my xeomin injection in the bone in the bridge of my nose.

This time for some unknown reason he gave me the injection at the bridge of my nose. Eyelid looks full of fluid and droopy. He did not inject by the... READ MORE

Is it important to deal with a single plastic surgeon for all needs: filler, laser, ultherapy/thermiTight, eyelid, etc?

I've done fraxel restore for scaring and fillers for folds with good results. Both with different providers spaced 6 months apart. I'm in my mid 30s... READ MORE

Non surgical alternative to blepharoplasty sought (Photo)

Is there an effective alternative to blepharoplasty for me for my eyes?would I be a candidate for tear troughs fillers and laser? READ MORE

What can be done to make the swelling on my face (upper cheeks) disappear? Would fillers help my situation? (Photos)

In Sept. I used an inexpensive wrinkle remover patch on my lower eyelid/bags. I didn't wash my face prior to use and it became red& irritated. 2weeks... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Hollowed Eyelids?

Im only 23 years and I have genetic hollowed eyelids. Things got even worse after I had a rinoplasty done, now they look even more hollowed and Im... READ MORE

Can this be improved by fillers? (Photo)

I have assymmetrical cheekbones , nostrils, jaw and eyelids. one side of my face is flatter and smaller. had face trauma at 5. but im not sure that is... READ MORE

Should I go for filler or eyelid surgery? (Photo)

Hello... please any suggestion with malar problem? A doctor advise me to undergo lower eyelid surgery. I'm so desperately need your advise... thank you. READ MORE

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