Eye Hollows + Injectable Fillers

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Best Injectable Filler for Undereye Hollows?

What is the best injectable dermal filler (apart from fat) for under-eye hollowness?  What about upper-eye hollowness? Is this safe? READ MORE

Injectable Filler Migration: Any Solutions?

I have tried fat grafting and restylane to correct under eye hollows. In both cases, the results were great at first, but after a month or so the... READ MORE

Treatment for Outer Eye Corner Hollowness?

I have quite pronounced hollowness at the outer corner of my left eye, just below the lash line, with a bulge of fat beneath that goes down to where... READ MORE

Would Under Eye Fillers Help Me?

Hi, I have hollows under my eyes, would fillers help my situation? My under eye area is very thin with visible veins underneath. Would this cause more... READ MORE

Can Fillers Be Injected to Face Through the Mouth?

Can fillers be added to the cheeks and undereye areas by injecting through the mouth vs. on the face surface? READ MORE

Would I Be Suitable for Dermal Filler Eye Hollow Correction?

I am a 41 yr old very active male who takes great pride in staying as young looking as possible, but in the last year unfortunately i have started to... READ MORE

Difference Between Fillers for Hollowed Eyes?

There is so much information out there on eye fillers. I've read literature on Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra. For someone like me, dealing with... READ MORE

Filler and Strength Best for Multiple Areas?

I am a 58-year-old female. I had eyelid surgery done 4 months ago, and it left me with a hollow, skeleton-like look. I am considering having a... READ MORE

How to Treat Hollow Eyes? (photo)

Hi I am only 26 and I feel like my eyes have been looking so old and tired over one month. I have been getting plenty of sleep and water. How can this... READ MORE

I have hollows under my eyes, and loss of volume in cheeks. What is best filler for that area?

My Dr. has just now (last 6 months) started using VolumaXC and until now would do no injections under eyes. My biggest concern is the eye hollows than... READ MORE

What is the best, least invasive way to treat my under eye hollows? I've tried belotero; it helped, but not enough (Photo)

After consulting 3 drs and a derm, I have 4 different opinions. The first recommended blepharoplasty...another suggested a full face fat transfer..... READ MORE

What kind of fillers would I be a good candidate for? (Photos)

I'll be 37 in a few months and was looking into getting some fillers and try to help slow down the aging process. What do you think I'd be a good... READ MORE

Dermal Filler for Eye Hollows - Would It Work for Me?

Please take a look at my photo's would a dermal filler fill out my under eye hollows? I have had filler there 10months ago by a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Can all the volume of upper eyelid hollowing be restored with fillers?

Ive seen some very nice photos of fillers to upper eyelids and they are very long lasting. But for severe hollowing it seems like fillers don't... READ MORE

Could fillers for nasolabial areas help my problem?

Just wondering why no one seems to inject filler right into nasal crease/recessed area? Sorry not sure what it's called. I have had filler injected... READ MORE

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