Eye Bags + Injectable Fillers

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What filler and how many syringes/ml do you recommend for my tear trough area and lines on the side of my mouth? (photos)

I would like to get rid of my dark circles and bags and get an overall smoother and plumper finish under my eyes. I would also like the lines on the... READ MORE

Will Fillers Help Festoons Under the Eyes?

I am only 20 years old yet I have the same festoons under my eyes; just like dad and my grandfather. I have heavy sagging under my eyes, and a crease... READ MORE

Can Fillers Add Fullness to the Face AND Reduce the Appearance of Eye Bags?

11 months ago, I had fat injected to add fullness. The doctor insisted to also do it under my eyes to reduce hollowness. It's visibly lumpy... READ MORE

Fillers Not Suitable on Thin Skin?

A comestic surgeon described my skin as "thin" and therefore unsuitable for treatment with fillers. Do you agree that thin skin cannot be... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid filler under eyes not dissolved after 5 years. Is there any hope that it will dissolve naturally? (Photo)

The hyaluronic acid filler I had 5 years ago in the tear trough area was never absorbed and it eventually migrated forming a hard visible bump.... READ MORE

Filler suggestions for chin, cheek, nose and eye bag. I want to improve my appearance without surgical procedures. (Photo)

I will be in California for a week between Aug 25-30 before heading back to China. I want to improve my overall appearance without surgical procedures... READ MORE

Just Had Filllers and I Think It Was Done Wrong or Something Bad Has Happened? (photo)

I only had dark circles now the skin injected has turned in to eye bags I look horrible and I'm worried its going to stay like this..please help!? READ MORE

I thought I needed new filler after 1.5/2 years, but my Dr surprised me by suggesting dissolution of old filler. Normal? (Photo)

1.5 to 2 years ago, I had filler over my eye bags. No bruising, no drama, looked great. The bags are back. A new MD said my bags could be old filler.... READ MORE

Seriously considering dissolving dermal fillers as I feel my eye bags look worse than ever. (Photo)

Two monts ago I had two fillers applied by 2 different doctors to improve the appearance of hollowing under my eyes. The first one was Voluma, the... READ MORE

Filler in the Lower Eyelid Area to Treat Hollows Left After Blepharoplasty?

I'm 28 and had a lower blepharoplasty about 6 years ago to remove hereditary fat bags under my eyes. Now the area has become very hollow right up to... READ MORE

Why do I have a poor result after Botox/Perlane/Restylane injections? (photos)

I asked a question before but thought I should ask again this time with a before pic. What can I do to improve this result? Why did this happen? READ MORE

What is the best cost-effective solution to fix my eye bags (genetic) and festoons? Nasolabial lines too? (Photo)

Bruise prone skin, brown, Asian-Indian, keloid prone, 44 yrs. Fillers? Fat transfer? Fractional? READ MORE

Which filler should I go with for under eye? (Photo)

I have been bothered by under eye problems for a while. Never had any thing done before but want to try. I'm not sure they are eye bags, dark cycles,... READ MORE

Filler to eliminate puffy eyes? (photos)

I have some puffy and dark areas under my eyes...it's worse when I smile when the puffiness gets more noticeable. Would filler in my cheekbones help... READ MORE

How can I find a doctor that uses micro cannula needles for tear trough filler?

How do I go about finding a doctor that uses micro cannula needle for under eye bags? I've already called a few places near me and so far nothing, is... READ MORE

What can be done to make the swelling on my face (upper cheeks) disappear? Would fillers help my situation? (Photos)

In Sept. I used an inexpensive wrinkle remover patch on my lower eyelid/bags. I didn't wash my face prior to use and it became red& irritated. 2weeks... READ MORE

Had tear trough filler 5 days ago. Does this look as you'd expect. I think eyes look like they now have bags! (photo)

I need advice.... Do I need more filler or have I been given too much. My right eye had been more bruised than the other. Been told at work today how... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Bags from Injection from Under my Eyes?

I lived in Canada for a while and about 7 month ago I had an injection under my eyes with hyaluronic filler calles Esthelis. I was told that it was a... READ MORE

Novielle Gel Filler for Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Lines, and Eye Bags?

Any advice or opinion about the Novielle gel the filler for nasolabial folds, marionette lines, oral commisures,  and malar bags? READ MORE

What is the Risk of Triactive Radio Frequency? Does It Work for Under Eyes Water Retention Bags?

Had fillers in my cheeks which left me with bags under my eyes i do not want to have it dissolves due to the risk but my doctor suggest i have 6... READ MORE

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