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What Kind of Pain Should I Expect After Dermal Fillers?

After the lidocaine wears off, I am wondering what "kind" of pain there is...is there a pain just sensitive to the injection site when moved... READ MORE

Am I Too Young for Fillers?

I am 32 years old and I am thinking of getting fillers for my marionette lines and around the corners of my mouth. Should I wait a couple more years... READ MORE

Does the Weight from the Filler Drag Down the Face After a While?

Just wondering for cheeck fillers, if the muscle drags down more after a while because of this weight. READ MORE

Nose Tip Lift with Filler Restylane

I have heard that you can inject filler under the nose-tip to lift it and make it more attactive but I can't find much information about it online... READ MORE

How much filling is one syringe able to do?

If I have one syringe, will that be enough to treat both sides of my face for sunken cheeks? READ MORE

What can I expect from a tear trough fill treatment? (photos)

Hi I had a consultation with a dr Attualah in manchester I wanted some lower eyelid improvement As i have always had malar bag s showing even when i... READ MORE

How common is bruising under the eyes after getting HA fillers in the tear trough?

I think I would like to have the procedure done on a Thursday and be back to work on a Monday (without concealer on). Is this an unrealistic... READ MORE

Can fillers can plump this area well? (indent in tear trough) (photos)

I have asked many doctors if i can treat my indented area (in my tear trough) and all said fillers. i would like to know what can i expect from filler... READ MORE

Can I get these jobs done to my expectations? (Photo)

I'm here representing a digital version of my expectations. I would like to know what are the possible surgeries. ? Invasive methods ? Fillers ? Also... READ MORE

What can I do to improve facial attractiveness and correct asymmetry? Would fillers help? (photos)

33 F. Can I correct asymmetry in the eyes, is this reasonable to fix? Should mole on left cheek be removed? How much could I benefit from volume in... READ MORE

Can volume be restored entirely with fillers? Want to be realistic in my expectations. (photos)

I've lost 200 lbs over the last 18 montgs. Now my face looks saggy and old compared to before. Hooded eyes, nasolabial folds and sagging around my... READ MORE

Are these realistic filler expectations? (Photos)

I have made a few "fake" before and afters with photoshop to show my dr before I get my lips and eye troughs injected. Are my before and after... READ MORE

What results can I realistically expect is there any specific type of lip filler or technique you would recommend? (Photo)

I would love Angelina Jolie or Rose McGowan lips but I don't have that much to work with so I'm assuming that's out of the question. I would like as... READ MORE

What Results Can I Expect From Subcision then Radiesse then Sculptra Treatments?

I had 2 fraxel repairs 50/10 8 pass along with 2 subcisions done in 3 month time span. Then today I had radiesse treatments and in another month I am... READ MORE

Will Presence of Scar Tissue Affect the Look of Injectable Fillers?

I am considering getting injectable fillers in my lips to add more volume. I had saline lip implants in for 2 years and then had them removed a little... READ MORE

Fillers to improve a deep labiomental fold, is this a realistic outcome? (photo)

I'm consediring having fillers to correct my deep labiomental fold. My bite is correct and overall I feel like my chin is proportioned to my face... I... READ MORE

i have sever chicken-pox before 8 months.Wih left me alot of scars like boxcar & ice-pick> Would fillers work? Need TCA? (photo)

But the biggest two crater in chick just near my nose is the biggest two blunder which i scrached.I mae a done a prp with combine microneedling &... READ MORE

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