Expectation + Injectable Fillers

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What Kind of Pain Should I Expect After Dermal Fillers?

After the lidocaine wears off, I am wondering what "kind" of pain there is...is there a pain just sensitive to the injection site when moved... READ MORE

Am I Too Young for Fillers?

I am 32 years old and I am thinking of getting fillers for my marionette lines and around the corners of my mouth. Should I wait a couple more years... READ MORE

Does the Weight from the Filler Drag Down the Face After a While?

Just wondering for cheeck fillers, if the muscle drags down more after a while because of this weight. READ MORE

Nose Tip Lift with Filler Restylane

I have heard that you can inject filler under the nose-tip to lift it and make it more attactive but I can't find much information about it online... READ MORE

How much filling is one syringe able to do?

If I have one syringe, will that be enough to treat both sides of my face for sunken cheeks? READ MORE

Can I get these jobs done to my expectations? (Photo)

I'm here representing a digital version of my expectations. I would like to know what are the possible surgeries. ? Invasive methods ? Fillers ? Also... READ MORE

Can fillers can plump this area well? (indent in tear trough) (photos)

I have asked many doctors if i can treat my indented area (in my tear trough) and all said fillers. i would like to know what can i expect from filler... READ MORE

What results can I realistically expect is there any specific type of lip filler or technique you would recommend? (Photo)

I would love Angelina Jolie or Rose McGowan lips but I don't have that much to work with so I'm assuming that's out of the question. I would like as... READ MORE

What can I expect from a tear trough fill treatment? (photos)

Hi I had a consultation with a dr Attualah in manchester I wanted some lower eyelid improvement As i have always had malar bag s showing even when i... READ MORE

What Results Can I Expect From Subcision then Radiesse then Sculptra Treatments?

I had 2 fraxel repairs 50/10 8 pass along with 2 subcisions done in 3 month time span. Then today I had radiesse treatments and in another month I am... READ MORE

Will Presence of Scar Tissue Affect the Look of Injectable Fillers?

I am considering getting injectable fillers in my lips to add more volume. I had saline lip implants in for 2 years and then had them removed a little... READ MORE

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