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Would filler be the best way to enhance my jawline?

25 year old male in good health. I have a thin face. Seeking options about enhancing my jawline. Specifically the jaw angle from the front view. My... READ MORE

Is there any non-surgical procedure to enhance my jawline/contour my face? I'm a woman and my face is very narrow.

I read Juvederm Volume and other injectables might help. I would love to see before/after pics of a non-surgical procedure. READ MORE

What's the best treatment for jawline enhancement? (Photo)

Hello, So I have always been self conscience about my profile. Growing up I had a double chin which was hereditary. I got a chin implant/lips under my... READ MORE

Does My Appearance Need Non-Surgical Options? (photo)

If you were to suggest some non surgical options for me to enhance my look, what would they be? I am thinking maybe lip and chin fillers? Not sure if... READ MORE

Cheeks/Under eye hollows + Jaw enhancement through fillers for a narrow skinny face. Which filler and how much costs? (photo)

My face looks very much like Eric Balfours face especially the lower third. I would like to broaden my face, I have also played around with a software... READ MORE

What kind of dermal fillers would provide me with a subtle enhancement? (Photo)

I am looking for suggestions on what kind of derma fillers that can be injected to make me look more refreshed. I am looking for a subtle change with... READ MORE

What can I do to enhance my physical appearance? (Photos)

I like the way I look but since I turned 30, something has changed. There is something dull in my appearance and I can't figure out what exactly it is... READ MORE

Recommendations for lip enhancement filler and placement of filler for my thin lips? (photos)

I would like personal opinions/recommendations on what what be the best filler for my thin lips and where it should be injected to give me fuller lips... READ MORE

Been wanting to enhance lips with filler for some time & was wondering if the use of a cannula can reduce swelling & bruising?

I have read that a cannula can reduce swelling and bruising, however I am wondering if it can do more. Some reports I've read women have said that... READ MORE

Needing a long lasting filler.

Hello I have extremely fast metabolism, my body just chews through all fillers and wrinkle relaxers. I get 2 months out of both Botox and Dysport,... READ MORE

Would filler work well on a very mildly recessed chin and jowls? (photos)

I'm only 20 and recently my facial skin has dropped, leaving me with jowls and an emphasis on my slightly off chin. I already know with my luck that a... READ MORE

Surgery or fillers? Enhancing side profile (Photo)

It it more recommended to get jaw surgery or chin fillers to fix and enhance the side profile of my face like the jaw and chin. I have a slight open... READ MORE

Can I enhance my dorsal hump with fillers?

I have a slight dorsal hump but I would like it to be more prominent and I'd also like further tip projection. My family all have very strong roman... READ MORE

Is it important to deal with a single plastic surgeon for all needs: filler, laser, ultherapy/thermiTight, eyelid, etc?

I've done fraxel restore for scaring and fillers for folds with good results. Both with different providers spaced 6 months apart. I'm in my mid 30s... READ MORE

Enhancing/softening my look. (photo)

Hi, I am not unhappy with my face really but am looking to enhance my look and was wondering what you would recommend? I'm thinking maybe lip fillers?... READ MORE

Perioral mound lift and chin enhancement using injectable fillers in 19 year old patient? (Photos)

I have just recently consulted with two different cosmetic nurses about options to lift my lower cheek area. Both recommended cheek agumentation,... READ MORE

I would like to know the best solution for my right eye/brow as Botox doesn't work for me, is there an alternative? (Photo)

Went to see a plastic surgeon to place Botox just on the right side above my brow. The injection did nothing to enhance my eye/brow. The mornings are... READ MORE

Is the use of dermal fillers safe for buttock enhancement? (photos)

Dr Simon ourian uses dermal fillers For buttock enhancement and I was just wondering if this is safe?? And Do any other doctors offer this procedure?... READ MORE

What Should I Do for a Visible and Dramatic Touch of Volume to my Face?

Hi, I'm a 18 years old boy, I'm really tiny ( 105 lbs for 5'6 ) and my problem is that I would've loved to get fat injections to my... READ MORE

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