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Best Fillers for Large Hollowed Areas?

I'm a 37-year-old female. While my facial skin still looks quite fresh, my cheek bone and jawline areas are so hollowed they make me look tired... READ MORE

New Injectables - Worth It?

Of all the new injectables coming out (Evolence, Prevelle, Reloxin, etc.), which ones are working the best?  Are they better than what is already... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Squiggly Lines/creases Between Lower Lip and Chin? (photo)

I have vertical and horizontal lines under lower lip, which I'm told are caused by muscle movement. Have recently had a lower facelift and dot laser... READ MORE

Do fillers work well and which one would give me the results I'm looking for? (Photo)

Im 45 years old. I feel the skin around my mouth and lower face is sagging a bit. I feel I'm too young for a face lift and would like suggestions on... READ MORE

Would a Type A Protien Treatment, Botox or Dysport Cause an Allergic Reaction?

I have had enviromental allergies (mold, trees, grass, pollen, animal danger etc) rather seriously since I was born. I now receive a month XOLAIR... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma in the Jaw Mandable? How Effective Does It Look After Its Done?

I had my cheeks done with voluma and my cheeks look good, stick out alot (they were pretty decent anyway) but now im wondering....if i put a 1 ml... READ MORE

Botox or Fillers Better for Mid-face Area?

I wanna ask, what is better for mid face (tear trough) - is it botox or fillers? READ MORE

I Am Having Difficulty Deciding Between Sculptra and Radiesse Injections to Fill my Face

Please provide a clear answear to which is better to add fullness to the face. I am torned between sculptra and radiesse. READ MORE

Nasal labial folds fillers - it's been 7 days and I haven't seen any improvement. Does it take time for the effects to appear?

I have had fillers done to my nasal labial folds 7 days ago and hadn't seen any improvement ever since. Should I be worried or does it take time for... READ MORE

Chin Injection for 25 y/o Asian girl? (photos)

I have a slight dental prostrusion, and I am considering braces this fall. Also I am very self-conscious with my chin and don't really have the funds... READ MORE

Which Filler Works Best and Last Longer for Marionette Lines?

I imagine that is it slightly more difficult to fill marionette lines, since they are generally deeeper and more pronounced than the crows feet or... READ MORE

Filler Under Eyes and Face. Does Working Out Effect the Duration of Fillers?

I work out regularly. I was wondering will that make the filler go faster? usually they say it will stay for 6 months. will running and work out make... READ MORE

What Are the Most Cutting Edge Fillers and How Can They Benefit Me?

It seems that there is so much info out there. Please help me sift through the chaos! READ MORE

Fillers vs face lift to add more youthful appearance after weight loss? (Photos)

Over the last 21 months I lost over 130lbs after VSG. I feel really good about where I am but I have noticed that my face has aged significantly and... READ MORE

Confused About Perlane and Juvederm?

What is the real difference between perlane and juvederm? I have always had perlane and was happy with it, but having moved area again, my new doctor... READ MORE

Can leftover filler be used?

I was given facial filler about six months ago and didn't use it all. My surgeon said he could save the rest of it ( over half) for a year and a half... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know Anything About Viscoderm Injections Under Eye?

I need to know any useful information about viscoderm injections under eye, are they good or now, since i have dark circles with hollowness. READ MORE

Filler for Shallow Scar on Nose?

I have a very shallow scar on my nose. it flattens when pressure is out on both sides. A portion of the scar is a little deeper at top, but the lower... READ MORE

Dermafillers & usehe fillers: whole body vibroplate exercise on a regular basis. Does this have an adverse effect on the filler?

The vibroplates really have a high impact exercise shake and my face shakes during exercise .Will this have an adverse effect on the fillers or is it... READ MORE

Autologus Lipofiller and H.A Combination Okay?

My question :can i combine autologus lipofiller and hayaluronic acid and injected with the same syringe to the pateint? does this comb. increasing... READ MORE

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