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What's the best treatment for under-eye thinning/crepiness and fine lines?

I'm developing under-eye crepeyness and lines which I assume is due to thinning of the skin, it's also slightly hollow. I use tretinoin and have botox... READ MORE

Fillers for Narrow Forehead to Make is Wider?

I have narrow face and forehead. I know fillers can be used on my cheeks, temples but can fillers be used on my forehead to make it little wider as well? READ MORE

What Type of Face Fillers (Including Fat) Are the Most Effective and Safest for the Jowls and Marionette Lines?

I'm 51 and am starting to get jowls and marionette lines. Two doctors said I can start off with face fillers to see how I feel about the result and... READ MORE

Large Stretched Pores Caused by Sagging Skin?

I am 37 and of Indian heritage. I have slight sagging of skin on cheeks which is making my already enlarged pores look elongated to the point where... READ MORE

I'm 22 and Was Wondering Whether Jaw Fillers Such As Juvederm Voluma Would Be Good? Alot of Practices in Uk Do Not Do It?

So basically one side of my mandable jaw beneath the ear (the corner of jaw) is much more defined so when viewing from the front it is abit square and... READ MORE

Radiesse for High Cheek Bones? (photo)

My cheekbones are naturally high but I want them to look more like the cheeks in the pictures I posted.Would radisse be good to get results or should... READ MORE

Can I have phosphatidylcholine injections for under eye bags? (photos)

I have read about using phosphatidylcholine injections rather than surgery to dissolve fat under eyes. Is this a relatively new procedure? Is it safe?... READ MORE

Can Dermal Fillers Be Used to Make the Forehead More Rounded?

Can a thicker filler like perlane or voluma be used for a flat forehead to make it more rounded? I know that forehead augmentation carries a lot of... READ MORE

Can Fillers fix a crooked nose?

Hi there I have a disaligned nose genetically I am from Ecuadorian descent. so I got the crooked nose. can fillers help fixed this problem if not what... READ MORE

Will Fillers for Under Eye Hollows Work for Me? (photo)

My under eye hollows have been bothering me for years now. I feel like in the past year or two they have gotten much worse and more hallow! I look... READ MORE

Can I Use Fillers for a Nose Job and Chin Augmentation? (photo)

For my nose I just want it between my eyes because I think it would soften my profile and I just want a little more definition in my chin. I attached... READ MORE

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe for Topical Use, and is It Effective?

I've heard that hyaluronic acid applied topically causes bad "softening" of the skin, which is not recommended. Other sites state that it improves the... READ MORE

Is 35 Too Young for Nasoflabial Fold Fillers and Are There Any Long Term Negative Consequences of Getting It? (photo)

Also, besides temporarily filling the folds, do fillers have any long term positive consequences; i.e. will fillers cause the drooping of the area to... READ MORE

How Much Can Fillers Lift a Mouth Area?

Can fillers, fat transfers, or a skin-only lift help lift a mouth area that is still low on on the face after 2 facelifts? READ MORE

What is the most effective and inexpensive way to remove the frown lines and expression lines around the mouth?

I have had a very successful face lift, but from the mouth down, I still have all these frown dents and lines and it just doesn't match the upper part... READ MORE

Are Fillers in the Nose Effective with Crooked Nose?

I have a crooked nose bridge, its twisted. My septum is perfect though, it is not deviated at all. I was wondering if fillers were placed on the... READ MORE

How Effective is Placenta and Gluthathione IV for Anti-Aging?

Im asian and I heard its popular in japan. I m only 30 and still look 23 but I want to rejevenate my skin. I have a slight tan and it would be nicer... READ MORE

Smile Lines on One Side of my Face at 24? (photo)

Hi, I'm 24 and many people have noticed lately that I have noticeable smile lines on one side of my face. Sometimes I grind my teenth at night and... READ MORE

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