Droopy Eye + Injectable Fillers

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Blurry Vision After Cosmetic Injections and Laser Treatments

On March 6, while in Arizona, I had Juvederm, Botox, and Evolence injections. On March 9, I went in for Fraxel Laser and Thermage. I flew home on... READ MORE

Will a filler be able to fix my asymmetrical eyes or is an upper eyelid surgery for my left eye required? (Photo)

When i was a little kid I was in a dog bite incident where my right bottom portion of my lip was "shredded" as i like to refer to it, and every since... READ MORE

I am interested in trying dermal fillers but I am not sure if they are for me. (Photo)

Will dermal fillers work for me and will they last? My face sags more on one side, My eyes are droopy, and there is a loss of volume in my cheeks. READ MORE

Under eye tear trough dropping? (Photos)

I'm very thin, yes, but haven't changed weight in last few years. The fat under my eye keeps dropping, now to the malar region of my cheeks. The tear... READ MORE

Will forehead fillers or fat graft lift the brows and eyelid skin?

I did full face and I lost all of my fat.. My lids droop over the eye now but are tight and shriveled at the same time, so a bleph would not work.(Im... READ MORE

Could fillers cause eyelid droop or is it a possible a nerve was hit?

I had fillers in my cheeks and my eyelid swelled up that same day, by the next day it was gone however I still have a slight droop. Is it possibly... READ MORE

Droopy eyelids and/or droopy eyebrow - would hyaluronic acid filler help? (Photo)

Hello, thanks for your time. I am a 27 year old girl already suffering with droopy eyelids or droopy eyebrows (Both?). I went to see a oculoplastic... READ MORE

The left side of my face, more noticeably my eyelid, droops/sags. What can I do to make my face appear more symmetrical? (Photo)

Over the last couple years I have noticed that my left eyelid drops more than the other. I have also noticed that my face sags on the same side. Some... READ MORE

If I only get 5 or less units in my glabella, do I still risk droopy eyelids? (photos)

I'm 33, and I have a line that drives me nuts in my eleven area. But I'm also morbidly afraid of droopy eyelids. What can I do? READ MORE

I have a droopy left lid after having had my eyelids done about 5 or 6 years ago (Photo)

I don't want to get surgery done again but I want my kids to look symmetrical again. The left side has excess skin and makes my eye look droopy. What... READ MORE

Could Injectables Help with my Droopy, Tired Eyes? (photo)

Ive noticed my eyes, well specially my left eye seems to slant downward? i dont know if injectables can help with this. I am only 28 so i would rather... READ MORE

Will a Drooped Eyelip Regain Its Position?

Azzalure. My right eyelid has drooped and my eyes have a strained expression after 10 days of treatment. Is this just a temporary? Thank you READ MORE

What's the best areas to inject filler in the face? (Photo)

Hello, i would really appreciate if i can know what would be the best spots to inject filler in my face, as i feel it needs to be lifted a bit somehow... READ MORE

Filler injection.

I had filler injection in june and not long after my face started to experience burning sensation all over. My eyes drooped, one side of my face is... READ MORE

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