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How Do I Get Rid of Wrinkle Filler if I Don't Like the Results?

I read that injectables can be extracted from the skin if you don't like the results.  How is this possible?  Laverné from... READ MORE

Can you tell me what is a typical presentation of a biofilm infection after injectable filler?

Please can you tell me what is a typical presentation of a biofilm infection after injectable filler ? How soon after the filler does it come ? Are... READ MORE

Lumps above lip line present 8mths following hyaluronic acid injection. Would it be possible to dissolve it? (Photo)

I had a hyaluronic acid injection 8mths and the following day my left upper lip was very swollen (not like normal swollen). My doc tried to vigorous... READ MORE

How Should I Wait to Dissolve Emervel?

Hi, I had HA (emervel volume) injected in the notches of my chin. But It was not correctly placed. I want it to be dissolved, I know it can be... READ MORE

Is it possible to shorten the philtrum with lip fillers?

Hi there, my philtrum is longer than I wish it to be, but I am not a good candidate for a lip lift. My nose is small and a little upturned, the scar... READ MORE

Unidentified filler injected into my lips - how to remove it? (photos)

I had "hyaluronic acid" injected into my lips more than a year ago abroad. It was supposed to be biodegradable and temporary, but I don't think it is... READ MORE

It is Possible to Remover Dermal Fillers with Surgery?

Almost 7 years ago I went to a cosmiatry in my country. I was concerned because I have scarring in my face due to acne and severe chicken pox. She... READ MORE

Had an Injection to Dissolve Juvederm Ultra 2 Days Ago for Lumps, and They Increased and Feel Hard?

I was told i should not have any swelling after that at all. When do you expect lumps to actually dissolve and evaluate the results after this... READ MORE

I had vitrase to dissolve filler in my cheek and it left my skin saggy and crepey on one side. How can I get my skin back ?

The next day I woke up, and my face was so hallow, the vitrase i believe migrated to my tear trough because it looked very saggy, crepey and like it... READ MORE

My cheek & tear trough filler has made my eyes look small and piggy - can only some be dissolved or does all have to be removed?

Can filler be placed in different areas in the cheek? I've had some put in - 3/4 angle I look great. Front facing my eyes have disappeared! I look... READ MORE

Will filler that has migrated dissolve over time? (Restylane/Perlane/Juvederm)

I'm fearful some of my restylane migrated into my lower chin and jaw areas. I was just wondering if it too will dissolve over time? I really hate the... READ MORE

Is Using Vitrase an Effective Way of Dissolving Filler?

The problem is my top lip is huge and very uneven. I heard Vitrase is a safe and effective way to correct and dissolve part of the filler. My concern... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid filler under eyes not dissolved after 5 years. Is there any hope that it will dissolve naturally? (Photo)

The hyaluronic acid filler I had 5 years ago in the tear trough area was never absorbed and it eventually migrated forming a hard visible bump.... READ MORE

How Can I Dissolve the Filler in my Nose Quickly?

I had 3 nose injections 4 months apart because i wasn't happy with the results, and now my nose is not symmetrical. one side has more filler than... READ MORE

What Face Creams Can I Use on Unevenly Dissolving Tear Trough Filler Area?

As filler is going down, its leaving under my eyes wrinkled and they were not like that before i area filled. READ MORE

Seriously considering dissolving dermal fillers as I feel my eye bags look worse than ever. (Photo)

Two monts ago I had two fillers applied by 2 different doctors to improve the appearance of hollowing under my eyes. The first one was Voluma, the... READ MORE

Can a registered nurse administer fat dissolving injections?

I am interested in getting fat dissolving injections on my chin area and have been searching around the best place I can get these injections. I... READ MORE

Is it bad to get fillers before getting pregnant?

I know you aren't supposed to get fillers (juvederm, etc) or botox while pregnant or breastfeeding, but what about BEFORE? Seems like it would be... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels and Needling Be Used with Dermal Fillers?

I had juvederm put into my tear troughs and chin. Can I still get chemical peels (15% TCA to be precise) if so how long should I wait? And can I use a... READ MORE

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