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Can a philtrum injection define the philtrum lines without accentuating the upper lip? (Photo)

I would like to define my philtrum lines with an injectable filler. My only concern is that my upper lip would stand out more which I want to avoid... READ MORE

I'm 22 and Was Wondering Whether Jaw Fillers Such As Juvederm Voluma Would Be Good? Alot of Practices in Uk Do Not Do It?

So basically one side of my mandable jaw beneath the ear (the corner of jaw) is much more defined so when viewing from the front it is abit square and... READ MORE

How Can I Treat My Loss of Definition in the Jaw Line Without Surgery? (photo)

I am 40 years old and I noted that I have lost definition on the jaw line, I've treated myself with botox and dermal fillers been doing that for... READ MORE

Can Injectable Fillers Bhe Used to Increase Jawline Definition in Men?

28 year old male with poorly defined jawline, was wondering if fillers can be used along jawline to enhance it and create more definition? READ MORE

Filler for Under Each Side of the Bottom Lip?

I have an overbite and a square jaw which leaves me with no definition in the chin area. There are 2 areas under my bottom lip on both sides that is a... READ MORE

Could I change my face shape? (Photo)

So I have a naturally round face, but I would like more definition in my jaw, cheeks and chin. Could this face shape (pics b) be achieved through... READ MORE

I would like more defined cheekbones, like what is typical of a male model. Would dermal fillers work?

I know of procedures like dermal fillers and cheek implants but am wondering what would give better results. Can dermal fillers give the angularity... READ MORE

How to get a more defined upper lip and Cupid's bow? (Photo)

Hi I have recently just had juverderm lip filler treatment on my upper and lower lip but only a tiny amount around the borders of my lips to increase... READ MORE

How to have a more defined jaw line? (Photo)

I wanted to know what kind of surgery (invasive or noninvasive), can I undergo to go from having the jawline in picture A, to the jawline in picture B... READ MORE

What products can I use or combo of fillers to achieve an extreme cheekbone and under eye.

I'm looking to get a look similar to Kim Kardashian cheekbones and definition. I want an extreme plump defined cheek. READ MORE

I'm starting to see changes in my face. What do you recommend? (Photo)

Hi doctor I need an option, I am 26 no, I am starting to see age sign which i dont like such as nose lines, smiles fold, face getting less definition... READ MORE

Do nose fillers create scar tissue?

I wanted to get nose fillers and was wondering if it will make scar tissue? Would it possibly pose as a problem when I decide on a real nose job once... READ MORE

What procedures would I need in order to get a more thinner, defined, and contoured face? (Photo)

As of right now I know I need a nose job and a chin implant but what else would I need to get on the lower part of face to be thinner and defined?... READ MORE

My main concern is my sagging jowls (ex-smoker), wrinkles under-eye, pores and lack of definition (e.g. Cheekbones) (Photo)

What treatment(s) would you recommend to address these issues? I want to avoid looking 'done' and if possible would like to address these issues in... READ MORE

Can filler create a moderate improvement in jawline definition and angularity? (Photo)

I'm interested in jawline contouring to make my jawline more defined/visible and just a bit more angular without making my face look bloated from too... READ MORE

Can fillers achieve the same results that cheek implants can?(Photos)

I have a round, flat face with full cheeks. I love the defined, good bone structure look and want to avoid the fake look too much added volume... READ MORE

I want dermafillers injected into my nose, do you think my nose is eligible for this procedure? (Photo)

I want to develop a more defined nose bridge as it is flat and fat but I have a big nose and apparently the injections make your nose bigger, would... READ MORE

What is Rofilan?

What is Rofilan? READ MORE

Can Fillers Enhance the Squareness of the Jaw?

Hi, I am a guy in my late 40s. I have a long (ish) face but my jaw is reasonably square. I would like to enhance this squareness further and increase... READ MORE

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