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Effective Treatment for Frown Line - Filler or Botox

I am only in my early 30s and rest of my face is wrinkle free, but the frown line between my eyebrows are so deep. These are not two lines, they look... READ MORE

Can Fillers Actually Stimulate One's Own Collagen Production?

I am 28 years old and considering getting a filler for a deep smile line I have on the right hand side of my face. I have heard that fillers can... READ MORE

Can Fillers Treat Deep Under Eye Lines?

Would I benefit from filler under the eye area? I have deep lines from my lower eye that finish on my cheeks. They are so bad. READ MORE

Are Injectable Fillers Good For Reducing a Deep Labiomental Fold? (photo)

I want to achieve a flatter chin and profile, or reduce my jutting chin/deep labiomental fold. I do have and overbite that I'm considering... READ MORE

Procedures for Deep and Wrinkly Tear Troughs?

I am considering getting fillers injected into my tear troughs. Are there any suggestions for procedures you would make based on the attached... READ MORE

What is the deepening by my nose? And how can I get rid of them? (photos)

I have deep lines that formed just recently by my nostrils going down each side of my face. It's almost sunken in looking. Please help! I hate the... READ MORE

Heavy Nasolabial Lines

I am a 40 year old very lean male with heavy nasolabial lines.Just last year I tried juvaderm and later radiesse which both plumped up the skin a bit.... READ MORE

Options for Longer Lasting Wrinkle Fillers?

I have deep wrinkles but cannot have a Face Lift because I'm on blood thinners. What longer lasting wrinkle fillers would you recommend, like Artefill... READ MORE

Wondering what can be done about the line/crease between my lower lip and chin? (Photo)

It is reasonably deep, can it be fixed with dermal filler to even out? READ MORE

Possible treatment for deep static line on forehead? (photos)

I'm a 34 year old male and have one deep (static) vertical lines right between my eye brows. I have been for 4 botox treatment with very little... READ MORE

What procedure will get rid of these deep smile lines (dimples) that are pictured? (photo)

They start from either side of my mouth and connect under my chin. They only appear when smiling. READ MORE

How much does it cost to get my upper eyelids filled with temporary filler?

Unfortunately I have very deep eyes sockets and it's something I am very uncomfortable with I would like to get changed but I am hesitant to do... READ MORE

Can a filler be used to augment the Labiomental fold? (Photos)

Hello Drs of RealSelf! With age, I am noticing a deepening of my labiomental fold. Rather than endure a painful surgical chin advancement, I'd like to... READ MORE

Nasolabial folds: horribly deep at only 33! (Photo)

I'm only 33 years old, and I always looked young for my age up until about 28 then WHAM!! NASOLABIAL FOLDS! Worse than anyone I've ever met personally... READ MORE

Wrinkle around the mouth and chin. How to reduce the fine and deeper lines?

I have asked several doctors/aesthetics in how to reduce the lines around the chin area. Their response is Laser, resurfacing. This require a lot of... READ MORE

I'm 57 y/o and no longer like what I see in the mirror. My eyes look tired and my nasolabial folds have gotten deeper. (Photo)

I've been working out for the past 15 years. My nasolabial folds have gotten deeper and my jowls are sagging more now (although my neck is still... READ MORE

Is there a way to get rid of deep nasolabial folds? (Photo)

I'm 22 and have really deep nasolabial folds, more so on one side of my face. It makes me look really angry and much older than I am, is there any way... READ MORE

I have deep wrinkles when I smile. Which type of filler would be best?

I am 46 this year and had previously done Thermage and Ultherapy (full face and neck, thermage on eyes) but sadly the yield Vs cost was not... READ MORE

Teosyal Ultra Deep for Deep Wrinkles and Frown Lines?

I am 55 years old and have very deep wrinkles around my mouth and frown lines. I had both Fractional Laser and CO2 Laser on my face. The fine wrinkles... READ MORE

Deeper Depression in Tear Trough After the HA Filler is Metabolized

Hi I am a 30 years old asian who had a filler (esthelis basic) injected in my tear trough 2 months ago and that is when the nightmare begins. The... READ MORE

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