Damage + Injectable Fillers

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Does Faxel Repair Damage Facial Fillers?

I have regular treatments of botox and restylane treatments, I have heard faxel repair can melt the fillers? READ MORE

Hit in Face 24 Hours After Injections. Can That Cause Harm?

Hit in Face 24 Hours After Injections. Can That Cause Harm? READ MORE

Will pressure used when molding a filler after injection cause damage to my own soft tissue?

I recently had perlane and juvederm in my chin and cheeks. I don't like the look and now planning on removing it with hyalase/hyaluronidase. My... READ MORE

Would dissolving fillers in the upper eyelids cause any damages?

The fillers that were injected in my tear trough migrated to the corners of my upper eyelids and its making my eyes really look weird and puffy! Also... READ MORE

Scar tissue after lip filler - bigger lips? Ice on swollen - damage?

Is it true that lips will remain big if i keep get fillers before the last filler has disappeared? Big because of scar tissue which means that i dont... READ MORE

Water as filler?

I have had fillers before but am not a student and it is too expensive. I have a special occasion to go to and want to know if I can inject water into... READ MORE

Can a Filler Be Used to Fill out a Damaged Muscle in the Buttocks?

Can a Filler Be Used to Fill out a Damaged Muscle in the Buttocks? READ MORE

I Am Bulimic, Will Purging Affect Fillers Under my Eyes?

Hi, unfortunately im a bulimic.....2 days ago I had fillers done in my lower eye lids. im wondering if making myself sick daily will it effect the... READ MORE

Vermillon Border Damage from Injection with Dermal Filler

Please can you advise whether it is possible to damage the vermillon border by having Restylane (for example) injected? I had treatment 4 days ago and... READ MORE

Can You Apply Pressure After Having Under Eye Hollow Injection?

I've just had my under eye hollows done and slight bruising has occured. I'm going to put a little bit of concealer over it to make it less... READ MORE

Does Alcoholic Consumption Damage the Effect of Dermal Filler?

I am planning to have Juverderm Voluma injected into my chin for enhancement. I have been told it could last up to 12 months but am wondering if... READ MORE

Which tightening procedures are okay to get when you have Hyaluronic acid fillers?

Hello! I have filler in my temples, under-eye, and a good amount on my chin. What skin tightening lasers--such as Accent, Thermage, Ulthera, Titan,... READ MORE

Will having tear tough filler dissolved cause under sagging after 8 weeks? (photos)

I had my tear tough filled 8 weeks ago but felt it was underdone. I saw another dr who injected more filler in the areas, however I'm now left with... READ MORE

There is any way of tottaly remove this product without damaging my face?

I ve recently done a treatment with a filler called Linnea Safe in Brasil.Im not happy with the results on my mandibula... READ MORE

Questionable Professionals?

Why are so many doctor's/injector's allowed to practice after any damage to clients? Loss of license should take effect for the slightest infraction.... READ MORE

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