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Dent from Steroid Injection?

My daughter had a small cyst on her cheek. A plastic surgeon injected it with a steroid. The cyst went away but she has a large dent that seems to be... READ MORE

Depression after cortisone injection

I had a large cyst removed with a cortisone injection which left me with quite a depression or divet. How soon can I have some filler put in it? Is it... READ MORE

I Have 2 Cysts in my Breasts and No Removal Has Been Recommended. Is It Safe to Have Fillers?

I Have 2 Cysts in my Breasts and No Removal Has Been Recommended.  Is It Safe to Have Fillers? READ MORE

What filler(s) should I use for nasal labiel folds and lips if I had a bad result with Voluma? (photos)

I had an unusual experience with Voluma where on one side of my face where it was injected I had bumps that looks like cysts. These bumps were removed... READ MORE

Cortisone Injection Skin Atrophy. Any suggestions?

I had a cortisone injection for a huge cyst on my forehead that left a HUGE dent in my forehead. I had it filled in with filler temporarily. My... READ MORE

I had a cyst injection and a week later it indented. Should I wait for it to heal or use fillers? (Photo)

My injection was March 31st and it looked great, but a week later in started to indent. Should I wait to see if it will heal on its own or would a... READ MORE

Is an injectable filler good for slight cortisone atrophy? If so, which one?

15 months ago, my derm injected too much cortisone into a cyst on the right side of my chin and it left a small indentation. I had it injected with... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to use 5-FU/ Kenalog combo for filler complications when hyaluronidase will not work?

Voluma six months ago, multiple hyaluronidase injections only got me this far. mri shows cysts (but i do not know the nature of the cyst, whether ha... READ MORE

Natural healing or filler for sebaceous cyst indentation?

I had a sebaceous cyst before in my left cheek. Before I thought is is just an acne but it keeps coming, it was injected with cortisone three times I... READ MORE

Skin Depression after Cortisone Injection for Pimple. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a large cyst 2 days before a photo shoot. Now i have a small depression in my forehead. I knew this was a possibility, but how long does this... READ MORE

Jaw area messed up from cyst removal. What should I do? (photos)

I had a small cyst close to my neck or jaw area and the dermatologist took it out but now the skin is really thin and dents in and I can feel the bone... READ MORE

If I cannot dissolve Voluma with Vitrase, shall I try Kenalog 5-FU?

I got voluma injected 6 months ago, despite multiple vitrase injections, i cannot get rid of all of it. got rid of some, but it is pretty much steady... READ MORE

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