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Dent from Steroid Injection?

My daughter had a small cyst on her cheek. A plastic surgeon injected it with a steroid. The cyst went away but she has a large dent that seems to be... READ MORE

Depression after cortisone injection

I had a large cyst removed with a cortisone injection which left me with quite a depression or divet. How soon can I have some filler put in it? Is it... READ MORE

I Have 2 Cysts in my Breasts and No Removal Has Been Recommended. Is It Safe to Have Fillers?

I Have 2 Cysts in my Breasts and No Removal Has Been Recommended.  Is It Safe to Have Fillers? READ MORE

I had a cyst injection and a week later it indented. Should I wait for it to heal or use fillers? (Photo)

My injection was March 31st and it looked great, but a week later in started to indent. Should I wait to see if it will heal on its own or would a... READ MORE

What filler(s) should I use for nasal labiel folds and lips if I had a bad result with Voluma? (photos)

I had an unusual experience with Voluma where on one side of my face where it was injected I had bumps that looks like cysts. These bumps were removed... READ MORE

Cortisone Injection Skin Atrophy. Any suggestions?

I had a cortisone injection for a huge cyst on my forehead that left a HUGE dent in my forehead. I had it filled in with filler temporarily. My... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to use 5-FU/ Kenalog combo for filler complications when hyaluronidase will not work?

Voluma six months ago, multiple hyaluronidase injections only got me this far. mri shows cysts (but i do not know the nature of the cyst, whether ha... READ MORE

Skin Depression after Cortisone Injection for Pimple. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a large cyst 2 days before a photo shoot. Now i have a small depression in my forehead. I knew this was a possibility, but how long does this... READ MORE

Jaw area messed up from cyst removal. What should I do? (photos)

I had a small cyst close to my neck or jaw area and the dermatologist took it out but now the skin is really thin and dents in and I can feel the bone... READ MORE

If I cannot dissolve Voluma with Vitrase, shall I try Kenalog 5-FU?

I got voluma injected 6 months ago, despite multiple vitrase injections, i cannot get rid of all of it. got rid of some, but it is pretty much steady... READ MORE

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