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Asymmetrical Smile from Filler Injections on Nasolabial Folds

I just had filler injected on my nasolobial area yesterday. Is it normal for my smile not to be symmetrical for the first few days? By... READ MORE

Can Fillers fix a crooked nose?

Hi there I have a disaligned nose genetically I am from Ecuadorian descent. so I got the crooked nose. can fillers help fixed this problem if not what... READ MORE

Nose is crooked and looks like it's caving in on one side. Could filler help the appearance without making it look wide? (Photo)

I'm a 21 y.o male and have always felt something was "off" about my nose, I've started to realize it's really crooked and goes inward. I have no... READ MORE

Can I get cheek fillers if one side of my face is skinner or more sunken in than the other side?

One side of my face is more sunken in than the other side. It makes my face look crooked. Will cheek fillers help with that and make my face look more... READ MORE

My face has aged a lot. What fillers would be recommended in what areas? Also why has my face got longer over the years? (Photo)

As you can see my photos I have aged a lot in the past few years my face looks so long and even crooked! What areas would you reccomend I get fillers... READ MORE

Are Fillers in the Nose Effective with Crooked Nose?

I have a crooked nose bridge, its twisted. My septum is perfect though, it is not deviated at all. I was wondering if fillers were placed on the... READ MORE

I'm here due to being unhappy with my appearance. I feel I need some work done one my nose, lip, and definitely my face! (photo)

A few questions! 1st I had have a bad case of adult acne. 2nd, possibly looking into some facial injections for 2 things: my wrinkles and folds, and... READ MORE

Would injectables soften my nose, especially right profile? (photos)

I look like I have a permanent scowl from my right profile due to crooked nose, droopy tip and big bridge bump. Just wondering if injectables are an... READ MORE

Is this vascular compromise/early onset of necrosis? Overfill of cheek partially dissolved over the last month 3 times (Photos)

Since 2nd syringe placement (2wks after 1st) my face has been crooked & pushed forward. For weeks my right cheek has been drooping in a very bad... READ MORE

I am wanting to add volume and correct my uneven lips. Can this be corrected with injectable fillers? (Photo)

My mouth is crooked and one side of my lip is fuller. Can this be corrected with injectable fillers? READ MORE

What procedures should I consider if I want to make my face to be more oval and proportional? (Photos)

I would prefer the suggestions to be nonsugrical but I am open to surgical (whatever gives a better result). I've considered lowering my hairline and... READ MORE

Can anything help my asymmetric face? (photo)

My lips are crooked due to my jaw being underdeveloped (I believe). Is there any non surgery way to fix this? READ MORE

1 week post: concerns about my lip fillers, symmetry and possible overfill? Product is Revanesse Kiss. Advice? (photos)

The swelling went down fast. My lips have huge blobs of filler with dents on the sides and two at the front. Bottom lip is crooked. When I smile, my... READ MORE

Lip fillers to fix crooked lips? (Photo)

Hello doctors just wonting to know if you can share your knowledge. I have crooked lips, it's worse in pictures but none the less there crooked. Was... READ MORE

Fillers for uneven nasolabial folds? Exercises? (Photos)

My nasolabial folds are uneven and I hate it. I makes me feel very self conscious and afraid to get pictures taken because I will hate the result. I... READ MORE

My smile is ruining my face! Can filler or Botox fix a crooked smile?

The left side of my face slopes down quite a bit so that when I smile it pulls down my entire face. I'm not sure if this is getting worse over time... READ MORE

I did a lip filler yesterday, My lower lip seems bulky and my smile is crooked. Will this go away by itself?

Like half of the injection, but my lower lip seems bulky and my smile is crooked now, will this go away by itself ? I really hate them and I am... READ MORE

My smile is ruining my face. Filler to fix crooked smile? (Photo)

My Face is currently very asymmetrical, made worse by the left side of my face sliding down when smiling - would cheek filler on the left side help... READ MORE

Is my nose crooked? (Photo)

Hey there i been really really worried about my nose i recently got hit and i seem to feel my nose misplace i feel like its going towards one way not... READ MORE

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